Botton Classical Argument Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Humorists are people who are skillful in using humor for writing, talking, or acting. Their works bring laughter and elation to people. In Bottons book, Status Anxiety, he believes that humorists not only entertain audience, but also convey important messages that cannot be said directly. Thus, he argues that humorists play a vital role in the society. In most cases, Bottons claim is justified in that since the early nineteenth century, humorists express their thoughts about the society through humor. Some of these humorists do play important roles in the society by revealing crisis or events happening during that time period to bring awareness from the society.

Humorists, such as cartoonists and satirical writers, use their own methods to tell about issues happening in the society while putting humor into their work. One of the famous political cartoonists in the nineteen-century, Thomas Nast, draws political cartoons about the corrupted government and notorious business leaders during his time period. Some of his famous works, such as the drawings of Boss Tweed and Tammy Hall, bring insight to the American people, especially the middle class, of how weak the central government is. As Nast works on these cartoons, he put humor into the work with captions or quotes that sarcastically explain what the drawings are for. As an advocate of abolishment of slavery and anti racial segregation, he uses political cartoons to freely express his views and manages to send important messages to the people. Thus, humorists play an important role in the society to let people aware of their surroundings.

Some people use humor to express their feelings about what they thought of themselves, other people, or the society. In poetry slam, some people use humor and irony that have messages that they want the audience to know. One of the participants, Katie Makkai presents her poem, Pretty, which has deep meaning behind it. She does brings laughter from the crowd as she begins her poetry about her childhood and brings out a na¯ve persona. As the poem goes on, she slowly implies to the audience that nobody can be call pretty, by reasoning that everyone has flaws since he or she is born. She uses herself as one of the example and tells that one can be pretty intelligent, pretty creative , but not pretty. Thus, Makkau is able to get audience attention through her humorous beginning of the poem and also bring some important life messages to her audience.

On the other hand, some humorists might not be implying any important messages to their audiences, but simply just doing their jobs by making people laugh. Mr. Bean can be an actor who act in funny movies or series that bring joy to the viewers. Cartoon or real life version, in most of his movies, he does many unique things that brings laughters from the people. One can say that there are not important messages that he is trying to show to the audience through his acting. Though, still audience can learn from his actions and careless mistakes that he makes in the movies, which are the main key of bringing humor, and understand that people can make silly mistakes.

Humorists are able to show their true feelings about society without any restraints and have the advantages that their works can be taken seriously or lightly. Thus, they can simply tell anything without hurting anyones feeling. As they leave important messages by presenting their views through humorous and comical works, they plays an vital role in the society.

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