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Orwell gives us a full insight into this, as it is Winstons job at the Ministry of Truth to alter newspaper articles that have malquoted Big Brother or that contain information on persons that have been vaporised, people who according to the Party have never existed. Early on in the book we follow Winston on a typical working day and witness some of this rectification when a paper had; published the official forecasts of the output of¦ consumption goods¦ The forecasts were in every instance grossly wrong. Winstons job was to rectify the original figures by making them agree with the later ones.

Once the figures are changed, it will seem that Big Brother has correctly predicted everything, leaving people at rest and most likely in admiration for their figurehead. Hence, stability will be reached. Another limitation of mind induced by both societies is the prevention of free thought. By teaching the inhabitants of the World State through hypnopaedia, people already have their opinions before they are of an age where they can understand them. Similarly, the vocabulary of the Oceanic citizen is restricted in order that the ability to form disagreeable opinions is abandoned. This is done through the introduction of Newspeak.

The purpose of Newspeak is discussed in the appendix at the end of the book where we are told that once Newspeak has been accepted and Oldspeak, that is English, is forgotten; a heretical thought¦ should be literally unthinkable. By introducing Newspeak as an apparently more efficient language, it becomes easily accepted. Simple alterations such as the use of plus as a prefix rather than very or any other such word give the illusion of merely simplifying the language while the word free is removed of its grammatical sense when used in the sense of politically free or intellectually free.

Once the language has reached its final version, any heretical thoughts, that is thoughts against the Party, do not exist and it is impossible for inappropriate opinions to be formed. Once again, as in Brave New World, the governing body has formed universal opinions for their society. This is another constituent of giving the government a totally stable position, as nobody will be able to disagree with them and will only be able to oppose anybody who does. Thus their minds are controlled and power is fully imposed. Both authors are wary of the uses of technological advances.

There are many examples of them satirising science and innovation, especially how they can be put to different uses with darker motives than originally intended. Huxley seems to be opposing a principle epitomised in H. G. Wells Men Like Gods, called eugenics, where technology is used to create a race of perfect humans. We are shown how that good intent is used almost as a cover for creating humans that know and accept their roles in society and will never rise above this. Essentially, such technology is used to enforce power and control over the constituents of the World State.

The State also utilises soma and hypnopaedia to ensure that everybody remains happy and understanding of their society. In fact, the controller establishes this for us when he tells the young students of; The primal and ultimate need. Stability. Hence all this¦ he indicated the¦ Conditioning Centre. The technology that has developed is the foundation for ensuring a stable society. Orwell, similarly, proves how a development of technology with seemingly good intent, can also be used to establish further power over subjects.

In the case of 1984 it is surveillance that is the matter of debate. Being wary of cameras and other such equipment, Orwell shows how they can not only watch and protect you but also help keep track of you and your actions. In 1984, even on posters; the eyes follow you about when you move. Orwell has created a society where all the technology that was developing at his time has been taken and applied to ulterior motives. Technology spreads stability by spreading fear and watchfulness where humans eyes cannot normally reach.

Hence, both authors have noticed important technological advances of their time and presented them as tools that could easily be used wrongly. By using technology to exert further power over their people, both societies are increasing their stability. The social organisation of both societies is also important in both novels and their presentation of power and stability. Both authors look especially at hierarchy and social status in the two worlds. Something both authors do is to put the people with the most similarities to us at the bottom of the social ladder, hence give them the least power.

The Savages of Malpais and the Proles both live in unregulated worlds where the lifestyle from our times has remained relatively untouched. In both cases, our way of living is looked down upon by members of the modern societies, while most readers of the books would view the lives or values of these castes as superior to the higher classes surrounding them. In the case of the Savages, their lifestyle may seem slightly primitive to the reader. This is probably done to create a stronger contrast between the two civilisations. When Bernard and Lenina first arrive at the reservation, the inhabitants are described as inhuman and naked.

The mention of dirt, bad smells and snakes suggest an uncivilised society to us. Through this Huxley warns us how developing in the direction we have since living like the Indians may very well take us towards living like the residents of the World State. Despite the rigid social structure of both worlds, power remains incredibly equal between people, as nobody appears to have any power over their governing bodies. In 1984, the proles make no contribution to society and although members of the Outer Party do this, they have much less freedom.

Despite the advantages that both classes have, they have equally little power. If any signs of treachery are shown by anyone, they are vaporised and the same occurs if they appear too clever. Winston notices this fact while talking to his friend, Syme: Syme will be vaporized. He is too intelligent¦ It is written in his face By understanding doublethink and the society, Syme is clever enough to notice the wrongdoings of the Party and by passing his deep understanding of doublethink to others; he is helping them to notice.

It is possible to argue that intellectuality does not contribute necessarily to observance, nevertheless the Party is obviously aware that knowledge is power, and for a stable society, power below the high ranks must be kept to an absolute minimum. It is also arguable that, under the watchful eyes of the telescreens, Party members are given less ability to partake in any leisurely activities, and hence have less capability to rebel than the proles do. This is recognised by Winston as he writes; If there is hope¦ it lies in the proles.

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