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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Bullying is an ongoing problem for many schools and communities. This behavior consists of teasing, threats, and stalking. This behavior is unacceptable and can turn violent, and even worse, deadly. There are many influences in todays world that promote this behavior such as music, video games, movies, parents and other peers. A bully is a person thats show strong aggression either physically or verbally and thrives on gaining power over there victim. A bully has no respect for others and will resort to violence if needed. The environment where the child/ youth come from is just part of a factor that makes a bully. A parent and or other adult figure that lives in a hostile environment and displays negative actions or a bully themselves inspire and teach these children this is how to act. Another factor is when a child is being abused they take all their anger, hurt and aggression out on another because it gains them negative self-empowerment.

Yet, another factor of bullying could be just an individual trying to fit in to the in crowd of their peers. Yet, peers fail to see their future will bring them to jail or prison. A victim is the individual who receive the attack. These attacks can be verbal, physical or psychological abuse. Most victims picked on are loner and appear to be very insecure. They tend to not talk back or take action being picked on. A bully finds his victim by either there appearance, shy types or being behind in their academics (low grade point average). Most victims want to gain approval and exception from others and normally make several attempts with the bully.

There are several side effects from being bullied such as psychological issues, depression (feeling helpless worthless), self- harm (cutting skin, hair loss), anxiety (stress), and worst case suicide. Bullying in schools is estimated 160,000 children and teenagers miss school every day out of fear of an attack or intimidation by another peer. Over two thirds of children and teenagers in our schools today have had some type of bullying and responded poorly to the situation. Researches show that bullying occurs more in boys than in girls when it comes to verbal threats. In the year of 1994-1999 there were 253 violent deaths in school, 51 casualties in multiple death events. Bullying is the main factor in school related deaths. (Hunter, 2012)

Schools throughout the United States do respond to bullying with reactive meas ZERO tolerance in place, they have also installed security cameras and have police on staff as well as monitoring hallways. As part of this policy students can be suspended and or expelled for carrying a gun or knife to school as well as bullying. On a recent pole I conducted many teachers and other school board members feel as though suspension and expulsion is an easy way for a child to escape out of education. Our communitys fails to see the school may be the only positive place the child may be able to come, throwing them out is not the answer. The school over the last five years has introduced new programs which also include and family counseling. Programs such as early intervention helps children build social skills and offers anger management.

Training for teachers and all staff that are involved daily with the children need to be able to recognize and respond quickly and positively. Teacher need to be able to provide positive environment and stick to the rules of conduct and dont let no slip up happen, pay attention. Parents need to provide a positive environment and monitor your children and who they associate with. Also look up lyrics to the songs your child hears or watch the movies they watch. If you the parent wither be the victims or bully feels like extra help is needed talk to the school psychologist or the child doctor. Talk to your child, ask how they feel and offer solutions that promote positive help.

Some people feel that bullying is just something that happens during your younger days and the child will grow away from their actions. Lets look here; school shooting is on a rise killing innocent children attempting to get back at their bullies. Suicide as young as third grade destroys homes, families and communities. Drug use is higher than ever and teenager everyday day die from over dosing. Unless society takes steps to fight this disease that peers face daily it will continue to destroys young innocent lives at a downward spiral.

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