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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Customers eat dishes which arent prepare at that moment, prepare is based on a long period of time. Eating is an essential need of a human being, but some people give so much importance to it which are maybe called as niche market. These customers wont be satisfied in a long term if they see the same dishes in a restaurants menu. They always want something more and something different. ElBulli as a professional organization aims to fulfill of this endless needs of customers with their ongoing creativity on their value chain. Eventually their customers are satisfied every time.

Language; Cooking is a desire for Ferran Adria and his team, he taught that it can not be limited by the taste. A dish must have a harmony with both temprature, texture, shape, smell. They want to bring to their customer satisfaction in all respects. In order to bring these feelings to customer, Ferran Adria and his team prepare their dishes in a different way. He taught that this is a way of externalize their feelings; like a language. Its a kind of art while preparing dishes they enjoy the freedom. They show happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humor, culture and so on..

They feel that they can be more creative than ever while they are cooking and trying to find new recipes. Customers can feel the externalization of the feelings from their dishes. Hereby they experience not an ordinary dish, they can perceive special feelings with all five senses. Passion; The way that Ferran Adria and his team members are follow is observing, creating, reacting and serving. While they follow this path there are some hidden things that you can not see visually. As well as high quality of ingredients, they add their passion for cooking as a secret and special ingredient.

When you are doing your job with passion you will always improve what you are doing. Because working with passion means, you have desires to move up your work every time. Therewithal you are caring about your customers and their needs. Team members of ElBulli can be a perfect example for combining work and passion and having satisfied customers eventually. How does Ferran Adria instill creativity in the organization? What are the main actions, processes, rules that Ferran Adria and his team carry out to be creative? (? 400-500 words) Ferran Adria is a genius and desired entrepreneur, these charactersitics of him is come from born.

The thing that makes him such successful is he know how to convert his charactersitics to an achievement. He seriously accentuate on one of the most important point of an entrepreneur desire of innovation. He instill this feelings to his team members, leads them and showed them a way to open their minds in a creative way. When he joined the ElBulli team he has just few experiences of cullinary, at that period ElBulli is closed for two months. During the closing period they went to French to visit successful chefs and to train with some of them. At that period Ferran had a chance to work with Georges Blanc, Jacques Pic.

They way that he followed was watching and learning the technique; it is quite different from copying. After he had became the chef of ElBulli he had an indelible sentence which explain the way he cook; creativity means not copying. This sentence opened a new edge for team members. They took a decision to decrease the usage of cooking books as much as possible. They put creativity as one of their driving forces. Moreover they need time in order to create new dishes, so they closed the restaurant for five months. During that period they worked with Pierre Gagnaire and Michel Bras.

They summed up the experience that they got from Gagnaire with Everything is possible . That sentence refers a different angle to look at creativity and expands the meaning of creativity. In 1990 Ferran and Juli bought the restaurant from the owner of ElBulli. This step gave them the exact freedom, from then on they were able to design the future of restaurant in a free way. They focused on technic concept creativity, which means cooking the dishes in a different way in order to create difference and they made a list of this technical creations with the name; ElBulli style.

In the following years Ferran worked with a sculptor friend of him; while sculptor making sculptures, Ferran was creating dishes. They were making conversations about art and innovations at the same time. Hereby Ferran discovered another important point of being creative which is related with brainstorming. Therefore the team members started to come together after and before the restaurants opening in order to huddle gather all new ideas. A few yers later they decided to convert these spare time to workshop hours, they totally separted workshop from restaurant.

While they were working and just preparing their existing recipies in restaurants, they were creating new dishes during the workshop hours. They wrote down all their new creations for cooking at the following season. Identify different dimensions of innovation in elBulli case. What elements are innovative in this restaurant? (? 300 words) ElBulli is restaurant that you can not define only as a restaurant. Ferrran Adria and the other team members take their job seriously. They dont look only at kitchen perspective, they look in a helicopter sight to decide what to do?

That means they try to see the whole business rather than just cooking. The most significant difference of them from their competitors is their addiction to creativity and innovation. They mainly give weight to cook in a different way as well as serving, and also converting their experiments to success in other areas . After their achievements of success with their dishes they want to create new innovations in different dimensions. They published a book different from the other cooking books; actually it doesnt includes recipes. It is a way of them for preventing heir techniques from plagiarism. After their first book they published several books about different kind of plates. Another innovation of ElBulli is on the service sector. They started to serve as consultant to some of the huge companies in food sector. They had collaborations with NH hotel in order to act in two concepts; Nhube and Fast Good. Nhube is an all-in-one restaurant which includes; restaurant, reading room, lounge and cafe-bar. The other concept Food Good brings to Hotel a new perspective of fast food in a healthier way with famous brands.

Over the years ElBulli continue to make innovations and they have their own businesses in two sectors. One is ElBullicatering, which is a catering firm and the other one is ElBullibooks which is a publish house to publish their own books. Most important thing that they considered while expanding on different sectors they are continuing their strict the creativity of restaurant. What is the role of teamwork in the creativity process at elBulli? (? 200 words) Ferran Adria believes that, for staying at top you must have a great team.

Difference from other restaurants starts when the good relation can be obtained between team members. He instill this idea to the whole organization and he defines his team as a big family which means they are not only colleagues but also has respect, affection and harmony between them. The relationship between two owners (Ferran and Juli) is lasts in a harmony, they bought decide the financial issues. Adrias responsibility continues in the kitchen, he leads the team members by giving them the freedom, everyone can define himself in his own way by reacting on the dishes.

Sometimes they spend 24 hours together in order to create new ideas. Workshops were open to maintain more creative recipes, they can share ideas and cook freely at the same time. It is their way of spending free time that brings innovations to the restaurant fort he following semester. They dont feel the stress of timing there they just have to work in a team and increase creativity. Working in a team is many times more useful than working alone to the restaurants future success.

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