Can videogames cause an andrenaline response Essay

Published: 2019-12-21 18:20:48
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Can video games cause an adrenaline response? Our group thinks that playing video games will affect your adrenaline response because we think it will increase your breathing rate, heart rate, and pain tolerance.For this experiment, Richard and Matthew played Black Ops 2 and then we tested their reflexes, breathing rate, and pain tolerance. We compared it to the test we took before playing the game and the results was the breathing rate, reflexes, and heart attack increases which proves our point that video games does affect an adrenaline response. Introduction

Your body works in many ways to help keep homeostasis, where all internal processes are stable and constant. Your body uses the sympathetic nervous system to help deal stress and stressful situations. The nervous system is arranged with a fight or flight response, also called the acute stress response, to increase your ability to survive when in danger. The response is provoked instinctively in reaction to a recognized threat survival than to motivate consciously or by choice, and alters your bodys systems to ready you to either to fight the danger or to avoid by running away. When your mind is focused on watching a horror movie or playing a videogame with intense action, even though you might not be in real danger, your adrenal medulla gland still continues to start up because of your stressed state.

It releases hormones and a surge of adrenaline that could help you confront or escape by increasing blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate, transformation of fat into available energy, and dilating pupils. All of these factors function together to raise your strength and speed. Dilated pupils help you see more clearly, and muscle tension and increases blood flow readies your muscles for action and heighten agility. During an adrenaline response, your body responses increases perspiration to prevent overheating due to the raised rate that youre expending energy. Your body even increases how fast your blood coagulates so that if youre injured, youll experience less blood loss. Decreased or no awareness of pain, called analgesia, is also an effect of these life preserving hormones.

1. First, we have to collect information about the test the subjects. We will collect their ages, genders, and the experience they had with the game.

2. Then, we will collect the subjects breathing rate by counting the number of breaths the person takes in one minute.

3. We will also take the subjects pulse rate counting the number the of times the heart beats in one minute.

4. After that, we will test the subjects reaction time. We will use the ruler test and test him four times and find the average.

5. We will then tell the subject to play for 10 minutes, and after he is done, we will measure his breathing rate and record it down.

6. Then, we will tell the subject to continue for 5 minutes. We will pause the game and take the subjects pulse rate and reaction time.

7. Then, we will resume for another for another five minutes and we will poke him 15 times for pain tolerance and ask him after he played if he felt anything.

8. Finally, we will record all of the data and use the same steps for testing the second subject.
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