Case Study: Decision Making Based on Mission & Vision of Organization Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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In this case study, Community Medical Center has a strong reputation for quality of medical care. The president of CMC has the difficult position of making a crucial decision that will impact his licensed and unlicensed staff, patients and the community at large. This short essay will address the possible vision and mission of CMC that will guide the president in his decision about the case study of an operating room who may have HIV/AIDS.

This paper will also discuss the presidents decision and how he will communicate it to the physicians, employees, and the public. Mission and Vision of Community Medical Center CMC is a fairly large hospital which offers various services and had more than fifty surgeons on staff. It has a large clinical staff in various departments. The other nearest hospital is located in another city. CMC has a good reputation over the past decades. The president of CMC has a several issues of which he needs to make decisions on. The chief of surgery and about fifty other surgeons are threatening to leave along with their patients, to a rival hospital in another city, if the OR nurse is not relieved of his duties. If this happens revenue will be impacted along with lay-offs and services; the effects could be millions of dollars.

The president will definitely need to communicate with not only the surgeons but also the governing board (i. e. board of directors), human resources, chief financial officer, and public affairs. The president will need to remind and commend his staff of the fact that CMC has a strong reputation for quality of medical care, a large staff of surgeons, clinical departments, and a governing board during the past decades. He will need to remind his staff on some core values such being respectful by communicating authentically, trusting each other, and honor the efforts of all team members.

He should also remind them of being ethical by demonstrating integrity and loyalty with the highest regard for confidentiality (CMC, 2011). Presidents Dilemma He definitely does not want to lose the chief of surgery and the majority of his surgeons. The president surely does not want a federal suit on his hands, at the suggestion of the OR nurses attorney. He also needs to address the issue of confidentiality and the leak from within the organization. There is also the issue of the media and the wording of his press release. Presidents Decision Firstly, the President of CMC will have to confirm if the OR nurse in fact has HIV/AIDS.

Then it would be best for him to meet and communicate with the governing board, human resources and public affairs to see what the procedures and protocols along with the core values of the organization are (willful choice models). This should reveal whether the surgeons can leave with or without repercussions (i. e. violations of contract). An article in Todays Hospitalist states that physicians very rarely follow through with their threats to quit. Furthermore, that these threats just creates problems (Doyle, 2011). The P&Ps should also reveal the steps to be taken in labor dispute issues, and media concerns.

This will aid the president on how to handle the OR nurses impending suit. If he isnt aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), he may want to review this or ask his human resource department about it. He should also use ADA information such as the fact the HIV/AIDS can only be transmitted through sexual contact with an infected individual, exposure to infected blood, or blood products. Communicating this information to his staff may ease or erase their worries (ADA HIV Q & A). It will also help guide him in how to deal with the problem of the leak to the media.

At this point, the president can relay to his staff the importance of confidentiality, and respect, and accountability. He will probably need to enlist the help of his public affairs, or media and advertising departments with the issue of the leak. The reality-based or garbage can models will help the president in finding logic and order in the midst of decision-making chaos. There is ambiguity, uncertainty, and preferences of those involved. Therefore the president will need to be able to provide knowledge on HIV/AIDs to his staff, answers their questions about HIV/AIDS based on available information/data.

He must be able to communicate this to his staff thoroughly and convincingly. The triangulation method is a more thorough and would probably be the best route for the president of CMC. This would be a combination of the quantitative and qualitative approaches. Here, small groups of people can present or suggest possible solutions which can be analyzed quantitatively. The president can then draw from this information and makes his decision. It is good practice for resolving (resolutions in reality-based models) resolutions.

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