Case Study Methodology Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Increase learning through real world case analysis situations. ?Develop skills of teamwork and cooperation. ?Develop points of view, opinions, and frame of references to help one become a more understanding, useful, and productive member of an organization, and this course in particular. ?Develop experience of management and cooperation with virtual working groups. Preparing a Case analysis: The first step in preparing a case is to assemble the facts, information, and circumstances surrounding the case described.

As in real life, non-relevant descriptive materials may be presented and should be eliminated from further analysisyou have to decide those items as a study group and an individual. You must sift through all the information you can gather and determine what is important to your final decision. Many times personal experience and knowledge may need to be used or additional information gathered from the Internet, then these can be used to base a final analysis for the study group. Outline of Case analysis Approach: ?Define the central issue.

?Select and gather pertinent areas of consideration, make assumptions where needed about data, and other items that might drive your analysis towards one solution or another. ?Analyze the considerations and determine their relative importance. ?Investigate all the possibilities to solve the central issue, but strive to identify at least three different options. ?Select and state the best solution. ?Describe how you would implement that best solution. ?Defend, from textbook readings and other sources, how you would insure success. Answer the Questions at the End of the Case Study Dr. Jim Young-Kaplan University.

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