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Published: 2020-02-05 02:30:40
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It is interesting to know as to how people really feel psychologically about themselves. Self-esteem is a major issue in plastic surgery. One way may be the way a person may look and feel about his or herself. Many people may say it is the persons self-esteem level, but it could also be a psychological problem. Low self-esteem could lead people to believe that cosmetic surgery will cure this feeling forever. Cosmetic surgery has its commendations in making a persons desires for beauty come true as long as the person has a positive mentality.

The psychological state of mind can have an effect on a persons mentality level in many different ways. There are two types of causes that could lean a person towards having plastic surgery. One cause could be congenital, meaning that the disfigurement could have been caused by birth, or it could have been hereditary; this type of person could be suitable for having plastic surgery. On a more psychological aspect, a second cause that could lean a person towards having plastic surgery is an acquired cause.

This could happen sometime after a person is born or some time during the persons life. Two examples of acquired causes are traumatic injuries which may cause the person to feel less desirable or something that happens to many women, which is the after effect of pregnancy that leads to stretch marks or loose, sagging skin after giving birth. There are psychological aspects that lead people to believe that they absolutely have to have plastic surgery. One psychological aspect is called Body Dimorphic Disorder (BDD).

BDD is a mental disorder where an individual is excessively concerned and preoccupied with an imagined or minor defect in their appearance. This preoccupation causes them major psychological distress that impairs social aspects of their lives. One characteristic of BDD is having an extreme amount of anxiety and stress about a flaw on a particular part of his or her body and spending an extreme amount of time focusing on it; checking appearance in the mirror or trying to hide the imperfection.

Many people with BDD spend quite a bit of time comparing appearance with others. A person, whether male or female, may believe that plastic surgery can cure these feelings. Plastic surgery is inevitably ineffective with individuals who have BDD. Another psychological aspect is of a persons perception of how that person may believe that he or she may look to others. A person develops ideas that cosmetic procedures work to erase ethnicity. Caucasian people are prone to wrinkles caused by sun damage, and according to the

American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more and more are choosing brow lifts and Botox injections. No more does getting older mean that a person has to look old. Getting old can cause many people to become depressed and believe that plastic surgery will always prevent this. Inevitably plastic surgery cannot prevent aging. A person can see the image of the celebrity and the attention of his or her beauty and believe that he or she must have plastic surgery to achieve the same results from his or her peers or social group.

Therefore, plastic surgery is an option to feel good again about oneself. Many people wonder what their life would be like if they looked a different way or somehow could reach perfection. People think plastic surgery is like a magic wand that can suddenly take away their so-called ugliness about themselves, and that everything else in their life will just suddenly fall into place. What plastic surgery cannot fix, however, is how the person truly feels on the inside.

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