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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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I am going to start this topic on Celebrities being bad influences to children today. This is basically about how kids, mainly in their teens or younger have been influenced by certain celebrities into doing things like drugs or carrying a gun just because they saw their favourite celebrity doing this/that. Most children when they are young usually sometimes say, Oh! I want to be like [insert celebrity name here] when I grow up! or maybe I want to be an actor/actress when I grow up! So these children will start being influenced by the celebrity that they have chosen.

Some people might debate that celebrities arent the cause of such things, and its down to the environment they are in. But media is one of the biggest forms of getting out information to the public these days. And with some studies showing that kids spend twice as much time watching TV than school means that the obvious point is that children are looking up to certain celebrities as influences. For example, when youre walking down a street, you may see a group of hooded teenagers that are wearing hats underneath the hood.

Some people may argue that its the latest fashion that might be going around but if you look at a certain celebrity called Eminem; he wears this exact same style when he goes on stage to perform in front of people. There is also the Size 0 argument which is a possible influence of children, if you look at celebrities, there are a couple that have lost so much weight, when they wear dress you can see their obvious bones showing through when they are wearing something such as a dress.

Teenagers can be mostly influenced by this, they will mostly say something like Oh I wish I was thin like [insert name here] and in doing so, will become obsessed with their personal image and do something extreme like diet when they dont need to which leads to a that person becoming anorexic and in that case becoming seriously ill when they didnt need to in the first place. But some people might say that the media is the one behind all this in the first place, by influencing bad things ONTO children.

If you think about it, the one who displays the images on TV is to do with the media, the people who write the articles in the newspaper are the media. So the common denominator here is the media. But there is still the fact that maybe the celebrities shouldnt be doing these things in the first place to get the media to report their antics like this. Some say they want to be good role models for children and then a week later its reported in the paper/TV that they got sent to rehab due to a drugs overdose.

What kind of role model influence is that? So in my conclusion, I say that celebrities are the cause for children to have an abnormal behaviour pattern and are the problem behind all of this. Some may not be bad, but there will always be the ones that will go out there and do something stupid that will get publicly broadcasted in front of the whole world leading in unnecessary influencing.

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