Challanges Young Adults Face Essay

Published: 2020-01-21 13:31:41
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The general purpose of this speech is to show the various problems affecting young adults today. They pose a major risk to the lives and well being of the individuals and their families.

The specific purpose for the speech is to create an overall understanding of the circumstances that have left young adults vunerable to these problems and, the measures it will take to remedy the problem.

In the society that we have grown up in, the youth are continuing to face numerous problems that ultimately hinder their development and there lives. These problems require immediate attention from all aspects of life and, we need to come up with a solution to help young adults with their personal and professional development.


A. Did you know about 16 million girls aged 15-19 give birth each year? B. In the United States 86% of 14 year old have tried alcohol and 5% have used drugs. C. There are 12 types of bullying in the Us that have been recognized.


A. Pregnancy is affecting young adults more each year.
1. The peer pressure and lack of sexual education has caused adolesent pregnancy to become more apparent.
2. The society we are shown is teaching young adults that it is ok to parent a child no matter what age you are.
B. Alcohol and drug abuse is increasing at a high rate among young adults.
1. The demands and frustrations of this society cause many young adults to find themselves engaged in excessive alcohol consumption or drug abuse.
2. Drugs and alcohol have been made easily available to young adults, which has aggravated the drug and alcohol problem.
C. Bullying has taken an unexpected rise in young adults recently.
1. Bullies can come in all shapes, ages, and sizes.
2. It has been proven that one out of four people have or will bully someone.


Pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, and bullying are major challenges confronting young adults today. Speaking from experience and perceptions, I have found that numerous factors have contributed to these problems. They have shown to hinder their personal development and compromise their relationships with other members of society. we need to take action and address these rising issues.

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