Challenges of Transforming a Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Store Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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1.Reconcile the idea of selling aromatics over the Internet with a functional approach to marketing. Is the idea basically sound?

Although a web-based selling aromatics strategy does not guarantee success, however there are many benefits on web-based sales. The benefits Celia can get from the web-based business if she launches the web site correctly are;
¢There is a potential to increase her revenue.

¢The ability to expand her business into global markets.
¢The ability to remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week without additional cost.
¢The ability to lower the cost of doing business
¢Can rate the customer satisfaction about her product will promote more business

Celia is very knowledgeable on aromatics products therefore she can be successful by selling online. Many people do not live in a city where their favorite product being offered and they are willing to purchase it from on-line. Celia can take advantage of the growing internet market to launch her scent products. Celia needs to manage her web site properly and use the right strategies to promote her products. Celia needs to pick the correct tool to promote her product and make it available for the on-line customer.

In order to be successful in web-based sales, Celia need consider the followings:
¢She need to understand her target customer
¢offer the customer what they want
¢Make sure the web site easy to navigate
¢Simple design of the web site create user friendly website
¢ Make sure the web site is fast, simple checkout process
¢Assure customers that their online transactions are secure.
¢Keep the web site up to date

¢Hire a professional web designer to create and maintain the web site.

2.What should Celia do? Reference your recommendations to the text or presentation.

¢The first step Celia should take is, she need to select an all-in-one e-commerce internet service that includes; web page editor, shopping card software, design templates, payment processing. Using the all-in-one e-commerce internet service will allow Celia to launch an attractive online store which will promote more sales. ¢Celia should focus on a niche in the market.

¢Celia should market her products online by opening social networking accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. With the social network Celia can start blog about her products and the uniqueness of the products that she offering. She can also offer discounts to the readers who reads her blog or whoever connected with her. ¢ She can attract visitors by giving away freebies through the social network ¢Celia should promote her web site online and offline. One-way of promoting will be giving additional discount to people who orders from online. ¢The last step to develop an effective search engine to optimize her strategy, cheap or lower cost website cannot offer the extensive customer service. Therefore, Celia should consider getting a professional website designer who has referrals and creditability to perform the job that she requires.

3.Comment on Table 1 and the pattern of sales.

MonthNumber of Online Transaction Total Monthly Dollars Sales Average Monthly Dollars Sales January2 $ 19.72 $ 9.86 February13 $ 598.69 $ 46.05 March4 $ 103.29 $ 25.82 April6 $ 208.86 $ 34.81 May20 $ 826.58 $ 41.33 June4 $ 98.57 $ 24.64 July2 $ 16.60 $ 8.30 August1 $ 7.29 $ 7.29 September4 $ 114.28 $ 28.57 October5 $ 106.54 $ 21.31 November10 $ 233.54 $ 23.35 December25 $ 1,026.89 $ 41.04 Average per month8 $ 280.07 $ 35.01 Yearly Total96 $ 3,360.85 n/a

1st 2nd 3rd
The highest sale of the monthDecemberMayFebruary
The lowest sale of the month August JulyJanuary

The highest Average of the month February MayDecember
The lowest Average of the month August JulyJanuary

¢The highest sales of the month is December
oTotal revenue of $1,026.89
oTotal item sold 25

This indicates holiday season and customer are looking for gift items and therefore sales increased.

¢The Second highest sales of the month May
oTotal revenue of $826.58
oTotal item sold 20

This indicates mothers day and customer are looking for gift items and the target market is women.

¢The Third highest sales of the month February
oTotal revenue of $598.69
oTotal item sold 13

This indicates Valentines Day and customer are looking for gift items and the target market could be women.

¢The highest average unit price of the month is February oThe average price for unit $46.05

This indicates price per perfume increased on the month of February may be it has to do with the Valentines Day. During that time people will pay any price to get quality item on the market.

All these results show potential target market Celia should focus is ladies and during the holiday season, Valentines Day and the mothers day.

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