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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Great Expectations, written by Charles Dickens, is one of the most popular classics of our time. Dickens novel was, some may say the work of a genius. The tale is of a boy who starts from humble beginnings and whom the story follows through to young adulthood each entering a new experience for the boy. Charles Dickens wrote the novel in 1860-61. He was born into a respected middle class family, in Charlton. He incorporated local features and happenings into his books when he could. His father went into debt and then prison after his finances collapsed.

The rest of the family had to go to, so Charles spent time in prison. This is where Charles Dickens got some of his inspiration for his book. He eventually died at the age of fifty-eight from a stroke and was buried in his local churchyard. Chapter eight is an essential part of the book because it conveys a clear image of the characters personality and is a key part for the rest of the story. I will look in Chapter 8, where Pip goes to see Miss Havishams house for the first time, for a number of different techniques and devices which the writer uses to make us feel sympathy for Pip.

Charles Dickens starts making the reader feel sorry for Pip when he and Mr Pumblechoke arrive at the gates, and Estella greets them. They completely over look Pip. This shows that Pip is unessential and insignificant. This, said Mrs Pumblechoke, is Pip This is Pip, is it? returned the young lady come in Oh she says, you wish to see Miss Havisham? If Miss Havisham wishes to se me. Returned Mr Pumblechoke. As you can see, from this initial conversation, Pip does not have the opportunity to introduce himself. This shows that he is considered to be insignificant, even though it was he who Miss Havisham had sent to see.

This makes the reader feel condolence for Pip because it is as if people dont care about him. After the initial conversation, when Pip was marched inside with Estella, Estella starts to patronise Pip, which makes us feel sorry for him. But dont loiter, boy Though she called me boy so often, and with a carelessness that was far from complimentary, she was about my own age. She seemed much older than, of course, being a girl, and a beautiful and self-possessed; and she was as scornful of me as if she had been one and twenty, and a queen

This paragraph shows us that Pip is already feeling downhearted about Estella constantly making him feel bad. Even though Estella was about the same age as Pip, she considers herself to be wiser, more mature and generally above Pips level. This is showed in the film by Estella being taller than Pip and looking down on him making her think herself bigger than him. This makes the reader feel sympathetic towards Pip because it is his first visit to Miss Havishams. He is evidently nervous and anxious, and having someone of his own age being scornful towards him, his self-confidence just breaks.

The third time in chapter eight that the reader is made to feel sorry for Pip is when Pip was left in the hallway on his own with no light. Scornfully walked away, and what was worse took the candle with her. This was very uncomfortable and I was half afraid This makes the reader feel sympathetic for Pip because he is portrayed as being vulnerable. Estella leads Pip into the house and to a door, and was proclaimed by Estella to go in. Pip declines and returns with after you miss. Estella telling him not to be so stupid and scornfully walks off with the light.

You would think that now Estella had gone, his situation would have improved but this is not the case. He is about to embark on his first meeting with Miss Havisham, making him hesitant and nervous. His confidence is not helped by standing outside the door in darkness, with no candle. Pip is now viewed as being vulnerable. Soon after Pip swallows his pride and opens the withered and wrecked door handle. No glimpse of daylight was to be seen in it. It was a dressing room, as I supposed from the furniture, though much of it was of forms and uses quite unknown of to me

Pip enters through the door and is met by a milky white room. Although well lit by candle. There is antiqued furniture, all of which added to the mood, as if nobody had lived there for quite some time. The clocks had also stopped at twenty minutes to nine. The reader then feels sympathetic towards Pip because of his already nervous state being placed in an eerie, scary atmosphere, which seems unnatural to the poor boy. The reader once again feels sorry for Pip when he is ordered to play cards with Estella, for Miss Havishams viewing. Estella once again starts to be obnoxious towards Pip.

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