Chef Monica or Chef Andrew Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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If I had the opportunity to visit Chef Monica Salliers restaurant or Chef Andrew Gleasons restaurant then I would choose Chef Monicas restaurant. The reasons why I would choose Chef Monicas restaurant, its a more modern type restaurant, her food isnt perfectly seasoned, she relies more on instinct and thats pretty impressive to me. Her restaurant isnt really a romantic type. You can bring some of your closest friends and not feel that youre actually on a date.

Chef Monicas restaurant is more of a modern type restaurant. To me modern day isnt old fashion; its more up to date. Modern day restaurants attract younger people than older people. You can have fun and enjoy yourself with lots of laughter and fun. She relies on instinct for seasoning food. To me thats very impressive. Your food wont be over seasoned or perfectly seasoned Its just right. So you get a better taste of the dish.

Monica says If you eat at my restaurant youll never get the same dish twice. Also, Chef Monicas restaurant isnt too romantic. If its not too romantic then you can invite friends. You can even invite family. Also everyone wont be so tense. Since her restaurant isnt too romantic then Monica can joke around in the kitchen.

If you were to go to Chef Andrews restaurant you would not have as much fun. You wouldnt be able to loosen up. You cant loosen up because its too romantic. In the story it says that the dining experience is very private and peaceful, thats so boring. So if you were to visit any of these two restaurants choose Chef Monicas.

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