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Published: 2019-11-30 05:31:20
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In order to curb the cases of child abuse, effective education and awareness campaign should be conducted in schools and communities. Through this education and awareness campaign, children will learn about their rights and activities that may be construed as child abuse. Knowledge about rights and any activities that may resemble abuse will certainly help children deal with the issue if they come face to face with it. The paper will look into effective means of promoting awareness about child abuse among children in the community. Secondly, it will look at the risk factor that contributes to the situation of child abuse.

Lastly, the study will prescribe an awareness and education campaign for implementation. Previous education and awareness campaigns will also be considered in the paper. Library research and interviews will be conducted. One of the challenges that will beset the study will be the view that educational campaigns, especially those conducted using mass media will have limited effect or impact on the proliferation of child abuse. The validity of this argument will be addressed by presenting studies dealing with the impact of mass media on child abuse awareness campaigns.

Furthermore, the study can present a case study that will deal directly with the challenges posed. While the argument may have certain validity, a single means of promoting awareness and education campaign is bound to fail. Hence, additional communication channels should be identified for the campaign. Reference Teicher, M. H. (2002). Scars that Wont Heal: The Neurobiology of Child Abuse. Scientific American, 286 (3), 54-61. This journal article presents the difficult processes that victims of child abuse go through. It is an indictment of child abuse.

At the same time, the author presents interesting recommendations on how child abuse victims can be dealt with so they can cope with pain and trauma. This also provides important insight into the manner of prevention of child abuse. Glaser, D. (2000). Child Abuse and Neglect and the Brain A Review. The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, 41, 97-116. The mental and emotional impact of child abuse is difficult to deal with. Hence, this study helps researchers and other people interested in child abuse to look at these impacts and how to arrive at sound policies for intervention and information campaign.

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