Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Essay

Published: 2019-12-22 07:32:11
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This paper will discuss in how important its to know your audience. When having to communicate a disaster like the Chilean copper mine that occur in South America its one example of where knowing your audience was a very important issue.

This disaster in the Chilean copper mine, a disastrous downfall in one of the shafts of the mine has left 33 miners trapped 310 meters below the ground. The outcomes of the company and their reaction to the disaster would eventually define how the world, their audience, would see them. It turns out to be very crucial that the spokesperson of the company who issues updates and information to the public is careful and sensitive to the families.

The audience the company would be reporting to would be made up of the news correspondence, the victims families, and the media. Not only would the company spokesperson have to keep the reputation and point of view of the mining company in one piece, they would have to issue specific and straightforward information that would not always be in the greatest interest of the companys position.

All though in the beginning the company may not have a great extent of information, its necessary for them to inform the families with as much information as soon as possible. This would consist of any information as to what is taking place in the mine while the miners are still trapped.

When communicating we need to have some emotion and sympathy than just the facts of what is going on inside the mine. With all the families wanting to be inform that everything is okay and everyone is doing his or her best to get the situation under control. When speaking to any type of media they are concerned only about the facts. They do not care about emotions or sympathy of the friends or families. If there are no facts to give to the media than nothing should be assumed to those until there are facts to share.

The collapse would not only have emotional impact on the 33 miners trapped underground, the family members of those miners would be distressed as well. The family members of those 33 men would have to wait in suffering before they would receive word of their family members fate. When a disaster of this extent occurs, the company has the obligation to keep the family members well-informed every step of the rescue progression, above the news bulletin and media.

Furthermore informing the families right away in regards to whats being done to rescue the miners is very important. For instance the families should be inform that while the miners remain in the trapped mines the government is taking steps from getting doses of anti-depressants for the men. Also theyre sending down fresh clothes and games to help keep them physically and mentally fit. In addition the families need to know that the government and rescue team is guiding the miners to a secure area. The secure area is where they can establish various places one for resting and sleeping. The families of the miners need to be informed that the rescue team is doing everything possible to keep the miners in good spirits. Also asking the families to get involve by writing positive encouraging letters for their love ones its encouraged.

When communicating to the families that the government has contacted NASA to help with the rescue it will give them a little piece of mind. Let them know the rescue team will be able to utilize all the new technology of NASAs and their resources to rescue the miners. NASA who has sent people to the moon and outer space has many tools and resources for a situation like this.

Therefore the most appropriate channel to communicate with the media, families in a situation like this one of the trapped miners is face to face. The reason to announce the incident face to face is because it shows your compassion, truthfulness and braveness. I would say for the employees of the company I would use email and face to face. The email would be sent out first to the employees followed up with a face to face is case they had any questions or concerns.

In conclusion its important to remember that timeliness is of the utmost importance when dealing with situations of this magnitude. When taking families into consideration, the company must deliver the information of the mine collapse with an extreme level of discretion, clarity, and encouragement and compassion.


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