Citrus Peels as Insect Repellent Essay

Published: 2020-02-23 23:21:51
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The researchers wanted to make citrus peels as a main ingredient for insect repellent because we can also get the fruit in our own tree or backyard and get only the peel.

The lemon peel contains Vitamin C and citric acid which are also good for our skin. While an orange peel also contains Vitamin C.

These peels can ward off mosquitoes. Its said that mosquitoes are totally repulsed by either scent. The essential oils that can be extracted from lemon and orange peel are the one that makes the mosquitoes fly away.

Lemon and orange is basically known as a fruit that we can eat. We can also make other product with its citric acid and their peel in an insect repellent.

An insect repellent is a substance applied to any surface(surface where they live or hide) which discourages insects from landing or climbing on that surface. Effective insect repellents can protect you from serious mosquito- and tick-borne diseases. In the United States, mosquitoes can transmit diseases like St. Louis encephalitis and West Nile virus. Ticks can transmit serious diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Ehrlichiosis.

The researchers chose this study to help the environment and people to make ways in recycling these peels instead of throwing it into the trash bin. This can be used in the gardens or in the houses that are affected by insects also in other places. The researchers wanted to prove that this insect repellent is more useful and safer than the commercial insect repellents. The people have an advantage in this research to be healthy and safe everywhere they go. Lemon and orange are made not only for the fruit that it produces. Insect repellent is very common for making mosquitoes fly away. It can also help prevent and control the outbreak of Insect-borne diseases such as Malaria, Lyme Disease, Dengue Fever, Bubonic Plague, And West Nile Fever.

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