Classroom Management Considerations to Promote Inclusion Essay

Published: 2019-10-30 14:50:47
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In order for a classroom to be truly inclusive classroom management considerations have to be addressed. Will the classroom atmosphere be conducive to learning for all students and how will the climate be modified or adapted to meet these needs? How will classroom goals and rules be established and are they visible and clearly stated in the classroom? Are academic standards clearly stated and visible in the classroom?

Does the teacher effectively utilize differentiated instructional strategies for all students? Is the classroom arranged in a manner to accentuate student learning, for example: how are the desks arranged, is there a student seating plan in place, are bulletin or display boards cluttered and distracting, are there technology resources available to the students in the classroom? Are the teachers utilizing flexible co-teaching models in the classroom and is planning time scheduled to create effective lesson planning?

These are questions one must ask his or herself in order to create a truly inclusive classroom. Language and discourse in the classroom also plays a role in creating an inclusive atmosphere, the relationship between the teacher and student, the student and his or her peers is part of the social climate of the classroom and must be positively modeled by the teacher. The teacher must find a way to assess and re-assess instructional strategies so that instruction is real-world based and encourages various extensive and engaging learning opportunities for the students. The teacher also has to teach and model positive coping strategies for stress and should remain non-judgmental in their classroom and behavior management approaches.

The following is a short list of some modifications or adaptations that can be made in the classroom:

¢ Preferred seating

¢ Pre-printed notes for the class

¢ Visual aids such as graphic organizers like a KWL chart

¢ Choice of assignments

¢ Extended time to complete tests

¢ Fewer questions for classwork or homework

¢ Modified grading utilizing a rubric

¢ Reduce distractions

¢ Teach study skills and coping strategies

¢ Use flashcards

¢ Use of technology to facilitate instruction such as reading and math software to reinforce and teach pre-requisite skills

¢ Visual schedules

¢ Use of manipulatives

¢ Visual communication aids

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