Climatic Changes and Greenhouse Gases Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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According to Steynor, (2006) there is a climatic change in the continent of Africa from 1900 to 1990. This leads as to investigate if global warming has really diverse effects on earth and in Africa. 1. We found out that there is an extensive rise of temperature which can lead to diseases and inconvenience to the people in this continent. This may lead to heat stroke and other diseases. 2. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased within five years and because of the advancement in technologies (factories, use of fossil fuels, etc.), the amount of carbon dioxide in the air continues to increase.

3. Another reason for this is the decreasing number of forests and plants which help in the reduction of carbon dioxide in the air. 4. The greenhouse gases make it difficult for the heat of the sun to be released outside the earth which causes temperature increase. If this increase in greenhouse gases continues to increase in large figures, several parts of the globe will experience droughts and many other food shortages.

This will affect the economy of the affected place. 6. The coil and oil consumption in an area is also responsible for the production of greenhouse gases specifically the amount of coal and oil production in Sub-Sahara Africa. 7. We found out that there has been a continuous increase of coal consumption from mid-1988 to 1996 which contributed to the production of greenhouse gases. This will lead to increase in temperature and health and economic problems. Effects of Global Warming to Health and Death Rate 1.

We found out that there is a likeliness of the occurrence of the infectious disease whenever there is a climate change. 2. We conclude that deadly diseases such as malaria and dengue can be results of climatic change. We also found out that global warming has its implications on health of the affected area. The investigation shows that hundreds of millions of people are at risk because of the climatic change that global warming brings. It is notable that there is an increase of cases of malaria, dengue, and other infectious diseases, and death rate in Africa .

3. We also found out that from 1997-1999, there is an apparent increase in death rate. How ever the graphs show that in the succeeding years, the rate of death began to decrease. The death rate (for both male and female), decreased from 1997 to 1999. It is possible that people have lower risks of dying from influenza, tuberculosis, and other heart diseases that were recorded to be the main cause of increase in death rate. We concluded that there are certain diseases that the World Health Organization is trying to eradicate.

Also, there are several causes of death s and not just diseases resulting from global warming that is why those diseases are also great factors that might lessen the death rates. Economic Impact of Global Warming 1. We concluded that global warming have an effects on the economy and health of African people due to the increase of gases proving our hypothesis with the increase of global warming, there is an increase in negative impacts on third world nations.

2. Many of the people were not able to work which results to the decrease in output which will then affect the economy of the region. 3. Natural disasters are also occur which have a great impact on Africas economy. 4. Another factor is the food security. There is an extensive drought, which leads agriculture industry tremendous losses and results to food shortage. This will affect the quality and quantity of the factors of production.

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