Cognitive Methods and Cognitive Theories Essay

Published: 2020-02-03 09:50:11
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After reading the article, in my opinion this is an analysis of a professional issue? This article is basically a guide line of information for researchers and students, who have issues with understanding the cognitive process, how these methods interfere or contribute with our daily lives.

The main purpose of this article is to explain how the Cognitive methods and Cognitive theories is bidirectional. Cognitive methods now being used in social-psychological research is what is being describe in this volume. Some methods that are poplar is social psychology are affective priming, response interference paradigms, mathematical models, connection-ist simulation and the list goes on. Klauer, K, C, Voss, Andreas, Stahl, Christopher (2011). As stated the aim in this book is to provide researchers and students of social psychology with accessible information to these different cognitive methods.

Each of the chapters will focus on different methods rather than on one specific method. So basically the book breaks the chapter so that the students and the researchers who are confuse or not sure about a specific method, can better understand what theyre reading and be able to translate to the information to another. One of the major finding was realizing, how much Attention plays a role in the cognitive process.

According to the article, people dont realize, Attention process are fundamental and play a critical role in a variety of what mechanism that determine what we notice, what remember, and what parts of our environment we respond to more actively. It also goes on to say that Attention is actually not a single entity; rather the word is a catchall phrase that refers to a variety of brain process involved is a range on cognitive, perceptual and motor tasks. Explain how this article fits into the overall field of psychology.

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