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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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In the past, Pizza Hut is an outstanding restaurant, especially in offering different style of pizza. Pizza Hut is still a unique restaurant in the early 90s. Therefore, competitors havent existed yet. However, Pizza Box has already existed that became Pizza Huts competitor. Recently, there are more and more choices for people to choose when they want to eat pizza. For instance, California Pizza, Saizeriya Italian Restaurant, Pizza Express etc. They are not only offering similar food as pizza hut, some of them may even sell their food at a more affordable price.

Apart from the growing number of restaurants, there are more restaurants offering food delivery service. For example, McDonald, Pizza Box, Cheese Pizza, Yoshinoya, Sushi One etc. There are various choices and even different style of cuisine for customers to choose. Customers can just order their food by phone or internet which is really convenient. In order to combat the competitors, Pizza Hut has adopted several strategies on indoor dinning service and pizza delivery service.

We think the key combating strategies of Pizza Hut is that it keeps creating and promoting new style of pizza with efficient marketing strategies. New product may attract customers as some of the customers may feel bored about the original style of pizza and willing to try new things. The marketing strategies of Pizza Hut are effective as it promoted their new style of pizza through different ways. For instance, it showed advertisements on television, posted posters in public area and sent leaflet. People keep receiving message about the new dishes of Pizza Hut.

People will be more likely to think of Pizza Hut when they are wondering what to eat. As a result, Pizza Hut focused on the marketing tactics and development of new dishes. Pizza Hut allowed customers to make their choices according to their interest. Basically, customers can choose to have thin or thick layer of the pizza base. They can even pay extra money for mozzarella cheese stuffed into the edge of the pizza. Moreover, customers can also create their own pizza by choosing the ingredients they like. Furthermore, Pizza Hut offers free refill of soft-drinks.

This can attract soft-drinks lover, especially teenagers. On the other hand, Pizza Hut create pizza card. Customers who got pizza card can enjoy 20% discount. Sometimes, they may also cooperate with banks. Customers who got specific credit card can enjoy the discount. The special offers mentioned above can attract more customers because it can help Pizza Hut to gain loyal customers and repeated business. Pizza Hut provided an efficient set menu in the restaurant. In the set menu, dishes are bundled and packaged together.

They are usually divided into set menu for 2 people, 4 people and 6 people. Some of the customers, especially those who are in a group, like the set menu of Pizza Hut since the set menu can give suggestions and recommendation on dishes that are suitable for them. It is convenient for them to make decisions on what to eat. Moreover, it can also bring advantages to Pizza Hut since the service and kitchen team can have a better management. Servers can recommend customers to try dishes that they might not normally order.

It brings benefits for both service and kitchen teams, since it is easier to predict what the customers will choose and chefs can distribute the workload among kitchen station more evenly. Therefore, the food and service can be maintained in a high quality. Apart from the set menu, Pizza Hut also provide A la Carte menu. The A la Carte of Pizza Hut included various choices of food and beverages. Therefore, customers can choose what they want to eat from those various dishes. Pizza Hut can also promote their signature dishes more easily. Pizza Hut aims to provide efficient and high quality pizza delivery service.

To achieve their goal, they focus on the design of the delivery bags and the supervision of efficiency. Customers concerned about the efficiency of food delivery service. Pizza Hut will supervise the delivery efficiency through advanced system and make sure the food will deliver to the destination on time. There are more than 900 deliverers in Hong Kong and they will deliver the food to the destination through the most efficient and direct route. Furthermore, there are 500 telephone operators which make sure that there are adequate operators to receive customers order calls.

The design of the delivery bags helps to maintain the quality of food. Pizza Hut named their delivery bag as Heat Bag. There are heat device in the delivery bags which can keep the food hot and fresh during the delivery process. Then, the food quality can be maintained when the customers received their food. To sum up, Pizza Hut can project its characteristics and maintain the quality of food through their combating strategies. Although there are numerous competitors, Pizza Hut is able to survive in the market.

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