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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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In this essay I am going to compare and contrast the portrayal of one major event which has taken place and been reported and represented in two different newspapers, one popular tabloid paper and a well respected broadsheet paper. The papers that I am going to use are the Daily Mirror and the Times. I will be paying particular attention to these points: the audiences targeted; the language used; the style adopted; the structure used and various other aspects that I have not mentioned.

Both of the articles discuss the mid-air collision between two aircraft which resulted in seventy one people being killed and which left rubble scattered over the countryside of Uberlingen. The first point I am going to look at is the main bold heading which is present on both of the articles. The heading in the Daily Mirror says, Blame game as jet crash kills 52 kids. The heading in the Times says Night of hell when bodies fell from the sky like black rain.

In the Daily Mirror the main heading is much larger and bolder to the one in the Times. This could suggest that the Daily Mirror is directed at an audience with a literacy level lower than the readers of the times. This audience would be more likely to simply read the headline and not the text. They would also be attracted to the rhyming Blame game at the beginning of the headline. The language used is also very simple e. g. crash and kids are very popular terms which would appeal to a large audience.

By mentioning the death of fifty-two children in the headline the Mirror is dramatising the accident and using emotional tactics to attract the reader. This article would be the preferred choice of a less educated reader as the headline would grab their attention and it is then very easy to follow and comprehend. In contrast the headline in The Times Night of hell when bodies fell from the sky like black rain does not actually tell the reader what has happened.

The intention here is to attract the readers interest so they will continue to read the rest of the article. This headline does not play on emotions by mentioning children or the number of people dead. It is aimed at a more intellectual reader who can interpret the meaning. This headline is very descriptive and gives the reader the ability to actually picture what happened. For example night of hell gives the impression that this was a terrible, dark event and bodies fell from the sky is a shocking thing to imagine.

The use of the simile like black rain is also very clever as this adds to the picture the reader will have already formed. This headline will encourage and interest the reader to continue reading in order to discover what has actually happened. This is aimed at a totally different reader to the headline in the Mirror. Here the reader is required to use their imagination, think and read the entire article whereas the headline in the Mirror is short, shocking and to the point.

The presentation of the headline in the Mirror in comparison to that in the Times also suggests that the two newspapers are directed at totally different types of reader. I came to this conclusion as the Times heading uses upper case and lower case letters (e. g. Night of hell) for the headline whereas the Mirrors uses oversized, uppercase letters throughout. The reader of the Times therefore will actually read and contemplate the article whilst the reader of the Mirror will simply be drawn to, and read the headline.

After analysing the portrayal of the event in both of the newspapers I noticed that the Mirror seemed to be guilty of biased reporting. It was emphasised to a great extent that the dead cargo pilot was British. I feel that had the pilot been a different nationality then the article might not have appeared in the newspaper at all. The Times however, gave a gave a fair and factual account of what actually happened and did not stress that the pilot was British or concentrate on the death of adults in relation to children.

I also looked at the illustrations that were provided with both of the reports. The Mirror provided two photographs of the accident whilst three photographs were published in the Times. This indicates that the Times was attempting to give the reader a wider overall picture of the accident which concurs with the comparison of the article itself. I did however feel that that the Mirror gave a better proportion of illustration to text whilst the times perhaps overdid the visual aspect.

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