Competency Goal Six Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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To maintain a commitment to professionalism I will introduce daily opportunities for the children within the classroom to explore their surrounding world through play, examination, art and science activities and much more. The children will be encouraged to explore each center within the classroom; these centers will be set up based upon the theme of the week. There will be an art, library, block area, home living, manipulative and science/sensory center within the classroom.

At times some of these centers may be changed according to the theme plan for the week. A lesson plan will be posted for the parents to view each week. At the end of the day there is a daily event note posted on the door to let each parent view what we had done for the day. Along with a toddler gram/infant gram note that will go home with each child stating the art activity, the science/sensory activity, the gross motor activity (outside play), as well as diaper change/potty time, what we had for snack and lunch and any reminders for the following day.

Also we have incorporated a monthly calendar. Each parent may take this home to give them an idea of the theme that we will be doing each week, any important dates that are coming up and any reminders that may be needed. Twice per year there are conference times set up for the parents to meet with teachers in regards to the progress of their child and what we will be working on for the remainder of the year. The parents are encouraged to attend one or both of these.

If the parents have questions or concerns they are encouraged to ask at anytime, whether it is daily or at the time of the conferences. Also if a parent would like to have a consultation before or after the arranged times they are also encourage to seek this opportunity at any time. For personal growth I will attend any workshop that will encourage and help me implement various activities within the classroom.

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