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Published: 2020-02-25 05:22:27
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In planning for the plot, it is very important to write a plot outline. This plot outline should be detailed and it includes scene descriptions and dialogues. Plot outline will serve as the blue print of my story. But before I write my plot outline, I should have a clear idea of what I want to write. The following description of the story is my exact plan in my story that I need to organize in a plot outline. For the story to become more interesting there is a need to add suspense and mystery to the plot of the story.

The story should give a sense of mystery to the readers about the identity of the criminals and the reason behind those crimes. It can be a CSI inspired story where the main character is an agent or an investigator. He will gather evidences and draw conclusions from the crime scene. In the story, those criminals who are member of a big syndicate with their mysterious leader are good in hiding evidences. They always make sure that that they dont leave any traces of evidences which will serve as a big challenge to the main character.

There should be a three to four series of crimes which are connected to each other which includes the abduction of the manager of a hotel near Detly Hill. It is also the same place where a couple were held up and brutally killed. When the family of the hotel manager failed to give the ransom worth $52 million, they brutally killed him and his body was found at A249 Detley Hill. It is also the same place where the body of the couple was found. This pattern will give a clue to the readers and will make them feel that they have participation in solving the mysterious series of crimes.

Meanwhile, characters play a very important role in the development of my story. My characters will also add mystery to the story. The main character, Lyndon Brown is not just an ordinary agent but a man hunted by his past. As he solves the series of abduction and robbery, he will discover something about his identity that will change his life. In the entire story, a lot of characters will draw suspicion from the readers. First is the former general manager of Lotus Suite near Detly Hill.

John Smith was replaced by Collin Price, one of the victims of the series of abduction and robbery which Brown in solving. He is believed to be the first victim of the unknown kidnap and robbery syndicate. Other characters are Chris Johnson, Browns bestfriend and also an agent like him. Although they consider themselves as bestfriends since their college days, there is a hidden rivalry between them. Johnson is very competitive when it comes to his career. He is also investigating about the series of abduction and robbery and very determined to compete with Lyndon.

There will be parts in the story Johnson will make some intriguing decisions and suspicious actions. Other than their rivalry in their career, they also have the same feeling towards Elizabeth, Browns childhood sweetheart. In the story, Lyndon Brown will serve as the protagonist. As protagonist, he will embody the theme of the story. The story will revolve around the life of this character and the outcome of the story will depend on his actions and decisions. Lyndon Brown is also considered as a round character because he will display complex emotions and will experience inner struggles.

There are three antagonists in the story, John Smith, Chris Johnson and the mysterious man who is behind the series of crimes. In order for me to achieve characterization in the story, I will show different action, emotions, and decision of the characters. In order for me to show the greedy character of John Smith, I will narrate his illegal activities and an angry emotion. I will also show the smart and cunning character of Chris Johnson and the romantic side of Lyndon. The motive of the main character is to solve the mysterious crime.

He had to do this to recover from depression brought by his low performance as an agent. Also, he wants to please Elizabeth because her love interest wants a successful husband. Looking at his situation, Chris Johnson is more successful in his career and there is a possibility that Elizabeth will choose Johnson. Although Elizabeth is becoming more frustrated with Lyndon, she still loves his childhood sweetheart. Meanwhile, Chris Johnson will do everything to succeed even to the point of betraying his best friend. He is also determined to get the affection of Elizabeth.

On the other hand, John Smith is determined to bring back his reputation to the hotel. Just like Lyndon and Chris, John Smith and Collin Price were also good friends. Their career rivalry destroyed their friendship. Collin Price betrayed John Smith which caused Smith to lose his position in the hotel. The main motive of John Smith in the story is to take revenge. This will give a hint to the readers that Smith is the man behind the syndicate. At the end, the reader will find out that Smith is not the main antagonist. It is the father of the main character.

His motive is to revenge because all the victims were once became cruel to the father of the main character. When it comes to character development, I will show the evolution and the reason behind their behavior. In order to do this, I will give their own background for the readers to understand their character. For example, the competitive family and desire for approval will serve as explanation to the character of Chris Johnson. The development of his character will start from his college day when he was still soft spoken friendly man.

Trials and hardships will come his ways that will change his attitudes and perspective in life. Meanwhile Lyndon Brown will evolve from an idealistic student to a frustrated agent that will gain strength from her childhood sweetheart. When it comes to the age group and readership that I am writing for, I want to write a fiction for teenagers and young adult. Teenagers like suspense and mystery and its CSI inspired plot will attract young readers. In order to do this, I have to make sure that the story will make the reader curious and determined to finish the entire story.

There should be twist, some conflicts, and romantic part. And the most important thing to consider is to write a very good story. In order to do that, I should carefully choose the structure of the story. I must choose the appropriate point of view in the story. It can be the first, second, or third person. I decided to use the first person with the protagonist as the narrator. I choose the protagonist because he is the most significant character. His point of view as the protagonist will catch the interest of the reader.

Complication and exposition will also add more interest to the story. As form of exposition, personal background of the characters will be revealed for the readers to understand the behavior of the characters. Complication will also arise from the rivalry of the protagonist to his bestfriend and the discovery of a painful truth about the identity of the protagonist. There will be flashback in the story especially when the protagonist was confronted by his past. I believe that the climax is the most important part of the story.

I will use this part of the story to uncover the truth about the protagonist identity and this will serve as the path for the crime to be solved. Here, the protagonist will discover that one of the antagonists is his lost father. Here, the protagonist will experience a great dilemma. This will create conflict in the story. Brown will be torn between his love for his father and the fulfillment of his mission. As a releasing action, brown will choose his duty and kill his father in one of their encounter. As a resolution, his father, the man behind the series of crime will ask for his forgiveness.

Brown will forgive his dad and he will be awarded for the accomplishment of his mission. The reason behind the series of crime will also be revealed in the resolution. Other than writing a good story, it is also important to consider the morale of the story. Although it is a suspense fiction, it should never give a negative impression to the readers. Good values such as friendship, loyalty, love for duty and family must be included. http://bcs. bedfordstmartins. com/virtualit/fiction/elements. asp? e=2 http://jerz. setonhill. edu/writing/creative/shortstory/#view

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