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Published: 2019-12-13 02:01:48
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In this essay it explains how week one reading changes my concept of long term care. The essay will provide two examples of current events related to long-term care and how it has changed. The paper will focus on examples of current events related to long-term care, and how might these examples increase awareness. This paper will explain what are three long-term care populations evident in my local community and if I was aware of these evident. Long term care is a health and social service there to provides services such as assistance with everyday task, such as dressing, bathing and using the bathroom. After this week reading and discussion as a class on long-term care, I would say my concept has changed. I became more aware of the services provided in long-term care settings, also the individual who requires long-term care.

People would think of long-term care only for elders, but the type of people need of long- term care can be from individual with chronic conditions, severe mental illness, and also developmental disabilities, automobile or sporting accident anymore can need long term care in life. Reading the week reading also explain Children, is always the type of people in need of long- term care to surprise me. Children born with developmental disabilities such as, Down syndrome affecting the brain, spinal cord, nervous system function causing them to need long- term care. Some of the current events related to long term care that happened, in the past three years increasing levels of violations staff physicians were not maintain on a 24 hour basis. Another current event related to long term care a staff at Crystal Care Center in Mansfield abuse a patient.

The patient refuse to have oxygen fed to him through a nasal cannula, the nurse decide to tuck the sheet over the head of the patient. Patient abuse occurred in August 2010 but is rare in the state of Ohio but happens more often in long term care. These example increase awareness of long-term care having families monitor how a family member or friend treat, to see if medical care is provided with an appropriate level. In my community there are three long term care populations age 65 and older, individuals with disabilities and children. Seniors 65 and older is the biggest population in Arizona needing long term care services.

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