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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Krysten Ritter as Rebecca Bloom wood is a charming girl sweet and nice New York City girl who have a tiny little problem that turned into a big problem because of her addiction to shop and drowning in a sea of dept the temptation of her being shopaholic. While Rebecca has a dream to work to company in fashion magazines. Until she found a job as an advice columnist for a new financial magazine published by the same company. When the days past her columns become a hugely popular in their town that turned into a celebrity. But when her compulsive shopping and growing debt issue that destroy her carrier , job and love life. She struggles to keep it all from a spiralling out of control and ultimately forced to revaluate whats really important in life. When she realize all the wrong things that she do. She pre-sale all her things like shoes , dresses , clothes , bag and the very important thing that she buy the scarf. II. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MOVIE As I understand this movie when she was a child when she look in the windows she saw another world I think a perfect dreamy world that have a lot of beautiful things that every girls got what they wanted to get like jacket , diesel , dress , emic , belts , master card , shoes and many more.

When she went to a store she saw a green scarf she buy it even she a lot of payments to pay. Rebecca and her best friend talk about her payments what she would going to do. When shes on her way she saw a mannequin with a green scarf she told to herself that she have a bill so she dont need a scarf but when the mannequin talk to her that she need that scarf to keep her neck warm. III. INSIGHTS (REACTION) All I can say to this movie is this movie is so beautiful when you watch it. When She was a child her dream is to get all things what she wanted to get. She start Shopping when she was young. When she look into the shop window she see a different world a world that girls can get what they wanted to get. She see beautiful girls thats suits the dresses it looks like a princess In a castle and fairy in the wonderful land. She thinks also that people buying at the shop have dont money because all she knows that they pay it with a card not with a money. But when she is an adult she know what the magic card she called is. Krysten Ritter as Rebecca Bloom wood occupation is journalist as she say in movie that I been watch.

She have a lot o shoes and different things on her house. She has a small problem that turned into a big problem. She has a lot of credits to Derek smith. She applying a job in a fashion magazine. Before she go to the company she saw a green scarf in a boutique shop its look like a expensive. Even though she dont have enough money she do all things just to buy that thing. So she go to a hotdog store and then theres a man buying hotdog and gave her money before the man left. The man says You want your scarf and I want my hotdog That lines make me laugh. Rebecca says to the man THANKS YOU AND I APPRECIATE IT. After she pay the scarf she went faster to the fashion magazine company for an interview. When shes their she saw Alicia I dont know the surname Alicia has a long legs if you see. And then Rebecca went to the Office for the interview she throw her scarf on the chair because she lie that she didnt buy the scarf but the girl give it to her thats the scarf is her own. And then the guy interview her she thinks that her name was erased. When she went home Derek smith called her and she excuse that shes In Finland.

She says a lot of excuses just to hide her self to Derek. She has a lot of credits and I think it a thousands. Until she do a plan with her best friend. When shes with her father and mother in the market her boss called her to tell that I think her boss told her that she cant work now. She went to the mail company to get her letter get it hardly because there are people with it. Shes trying to get it hide after that she went to a meeting with the members of the company. After that Rebecca and her best friend when to the bookstore to buy a book for those shopaholic if how can she leaved her addiction. She need to throw all of her things. Instead she throw it she put all in her cabinet to secure all her things. She went to a conference and to get the speaker mad and she do it perfectly and her boss got proud of her. After the conference she saw a that paper saying that there have pre-sale and she go there and she saw a boots and she ask herself if she do need the shoes. After that I think she realize that she didnt need it. In this movie you can get some lesson dont buy things if is not important its just a temptation for us to know.

The little things its not important to buy. Rebecca lied to her boss she tell that Derek smith is her ex-boyfriend that annoying her always. Rebecca went to her parents home to tell everything if I understand and I think her parents gave her some advice that she would do. After that when she was in their office I think they have a a successful demographic. Rebecca and her best friend went to the fashion to make a gown for her best friends wedding. Derek smith called to Rebecca again and Rebecca didnt answer it. Instead she record her voice saying Do not answer Derek smith phone call. After that part Rebecca and her boss went to the boutique to find some casual wear for the party that they going to suit.

When they went to the party they kiss each other. After the party when Rebecca is going to her work she saw Derek smith going to their company to her boss office to tell that Rebecca has a lot of credits. After I watch the movie I theres some things that flying on my mind. And thats the importance of the money. I have a lot of lesson that I applied to myself that dont buy things if it is not important spent your money for those important things than to buy those things thats makes you house look like a junk shop? 🀠Ive been enjoy watching it those love scene her best friend wedding and everything after I watch it. I go to sleep and dreaming what I watch. I love this movie. 🙂

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