Consumption and Fishery Depletion Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Both issues are really interrelated and in a sense that over-consumption of natural resources can lead to depletion be it fishery, forestry, or minerals. One exists because of the other; that is their connection. Over consumption happens in a capitalist society wherein everyone is encouraged to work hard, earn money, and consume more. The capitalists economy also contributes to the fishery depletion because it has created a venue for selling almost everything. If a fish is not attractive to costumers, capitalism will make that fish attractive through processing or packaging.

Still, the goal is to sell and make people buy. Another similar aspect is that if this is not addressed immediately the whole world will suffer. Hunger will be rampant and we wont have enough fish in our waters to feed our families. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says that 200 million families depend on fish industry as a source of income (Thehumanesociety, 2009). If there is not enough fish to catch, all these families will suffer too. Compared to fishery depletion, over-consumption is a very broad problem because it covers fishery, forestry, minerals, land, and all other natural resources.

Also, the magnitude of the response to both problems varies greatly. Fishery depletion can be address by a law or consensus between countries while over consumption is a disease brought about by the very foundation of capitalism. It is harder to combat because consumption gives life to capitalism and it is hard especially for the rich people to encourage everyone to buy only what they need because it translates to lower sales. The issues at hand also differ on their effects. Fishery only affects one sector of society while over-consumption affects everything and everyone on this planet.

As mentioned earlier, millions of families depend on fishing and another 950 million depends on fish for their animal protein (Thehumanesociety, 2009). It is a large industry that has been exploited since the industrial revolution wherein fishing vessels became bigger and meaner. It is reported that 70% of the worlds fish species has been exploited and near depletion. On the issue of over consumption, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says that The world is beyond its caring capacity (Reaney, 2000). Simply put, we are consuming more than what we can produce and because of that we need another planet atn anytime soon.

Pollution comes along with producing more. While we cut down a lot of trees for us to use, we put a lot of Carbon Dioxide into the air for us to do more. As a result, we are killing human race. Both issues are really important because it does not only affect us but entire planet. We are now feeling the effects of global warming with stronger typhoons and more frequent storms. Even our natural calamities arent so natural these days. There are various efforts from organizations all around the world to address such problems.

On the issue of fisheries, countries have set boundaries or international territories in the ocean so that there is enough fish for every country. No fishing zones for large fishing vessels have also been established so that there is a place for fish to populate. Focusing on different species is also encouraged just like the squid which was ignored before but is getting much attention now because of the boom of fried calamari. Advance technology and strict reinforcement of the fishing law are also key factors in addressing the problem.

The issue on over-consumption is also addressed especially by the World Wildlife Fund wherein they conduct various information dissemination campiagns about the current state of the planet and what we can do to save it. The issue of over-consumption was discussed intensively in their Ecological Footprint report that discussed the amount of natural resources used by every country to sustain its needs. As it turned out, the developed countries consume even those that are allotted for the developing countries.

Over-consumption is really not just a problem of the individual but it is a problem of the capitalist economy that tells us to consume. Reference Thehumanesociety. (2009). Fisheries Fact sheet. Date retrieved April 30, 2009 http://www. hsus. org/marine_mammals/what_are_the_issues/commercial_fisheries_and_marine_mammals/fisheries_factsheet. html Reaney, Patricia. (2000). Over-consumption threatens human survival WWF. Reuters. 23 October 2000 Date retrieved April 30, 2009 http://www. planetark. org/dailynewsstory. cfm? newsid=8645

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