Craft-Oriented Objects Essay

Published: 2019-12-21 17:32:01
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We encounter many craft- oriented objects day to day. I do not think I really thought about how objects were made and their value in life until I received this assignment. As I was thinking about all of the things that are craft- oriented, I especially thought about things at work and my home.

I actually work at a dress shop and Ive thought about how those dresses were made. Every dress company has a location where they make their dresses, like China. Each dress is handmade and takes many hours and hard work to make. I believe this is an art of craft and has high value in a womans world. I also own many dresses of my own from going to prom and participating in various pageants. The next time I am wearing one of these delicate dresses I am going to take a minute to think about the hard work and long hours that it took to make my dress just for me.

Another one of the many craft-oriented objects that I see and use every day is my home. My home is one of the most important places to me and it has several qualities that make it unique to me. It is amazing to think about all the hard work and the time that went in to building my house. Although my house has many craft-oriented objects in it, my house as a whole is a huge craft-oriented object in my everyday life.

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