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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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When a lawyer walks into a court room, he has two jobs to do. He has to prove his case is the correct account of what happened and prove the other story is false. This is called the Burden of Proof. Lawyers on both sides of each case present facts, evidence and professional or eyewitness testimony to convince the jury beyond reasonable doubt they are correct. Since In this case there are no eyewitnesses nor DNA this is more difficult, but there is evidence and there are facts. This is the case of Creation vs.

Evolution and by the end of this case; the jury will be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that creation is the only plausible answer for the beginning of the earth. The facts presented in this case are based on fossils and skeletal remains, the likelihood of an explosion creating a perfectly structured world fit for life, and the lack of continuing evolution. One fact that lends itself to creation is the lack of a missing link. In order to prove that humans evolved from apes there would need to be a half man, half ape out there.

Scientists have been searching for this missing link, since the origin of the evolution theory and no remains have been found to indicate this link exists. Human remains have been found from previous times and all of them have been human. Scientists have found partial remains of very old skeletons, which they claim are up to 3. 5 million years old they attempt to claim these as missing links (Creationtheory. org 2006) The truth however is the remains are so deteriorated is would be impossible to tell if they are human or ape.

They are not something in between even in modern society, facial characteristics and jawbones differ between cultures, therefore claiming the bone structure differs from that of a human is inaccurate. A second point to substantiate creation is the intelligent design. Everything on earth is designed exactly as it needs to be in order to sustain life. If the oxygen levels were different or the atmospheric pressure varied substantially, the earth would be uninhabitable. Evolutionists choose to believe that a large explosion causes planets to form and fall into a perfect orbit around the sun.

The earth stays the right distance from the sun to provide heat and light, but does not over heat or dry the planet. In addition to this, the explosion left small particles in the oceans, which amazingly formed in the explosion, which turned into living creatures. These living single cell organisms then somehow evolved into fish, which turned into birds, mammals and eventually humans. Even without figuring the complex probability probability problem it is obvious the odds of this happening are unfathomable.

Even if the inert matter could all fall into place, no experiment has proven successful in turning inert matter into living matter (allaboutcreation). The complexity of DNA could not have happened by chance it has too much detail and would have taken very precise design it could not have just developed from a particles in the ocean (allaboutcreation). Scientists have failed to find links between any current species and a previous one. There are no amoeba-fish or bird-fish (Allaboutcreation).

Bats have wings, but there is no evidence they were ever anything except mammals. In addition to the lack of evidence proving evolution happened is the complete lack of higher evolution during recorded history. For at least a few hundred years, history has been written down and it was humans that wrote it not ape-men. There were oxen, fish, sheep, and birds just as there are today. If evolution had occurred, it would not just stop squirrels should be starting to walk on two legs and apes should be turning into people and they are not.

People and technology are advancing, but people are staying people. Some theories that evolutionists used to present as evidence have been proven false such as embryology (the belief that in embryonic stages humans followed the evolutionary cycle), horse evolution (the evolution between horses with three toes and the current horses which turned out to just be differences in horses), and vestigial organs (organs that were needed by ancestors but are now useless organs).

These were all proven to be false proof, but many still appear in science textbooks (Thinkquest). If after the evidence, facts and reasoning of this case have not convinced all who hear it there is only one logical, intelligent, and educated answer for the beginning of the earth, then the facts need to be presented again. The only reasonable solution is that the earth and all of its contents were created by God who had a plan and followed it.

Any human who chooses to believe their ancestors were amoebas, fish, or even apes is simply making an effort to deny God. This is because they do not want to recognize Gods authority and follow his laws. They would rather live in a world that happened by some unrealistic explosion. No scientist could even show an instance where order was created from chaos (such as an explosion), yet this is what evolutionists want people to believe.

It is the job of the reasonable intelligent humans, who know their ancestors were humans to convince others the true story of how the world came to be. Otherwise the future may be filled with children who call the apes in the zoo Grandma and Grandpa. Works Cited Creation Vs. Evolution. All about Creation. 17, May 2007. http://www. allaboutcreation. org/evidence-for-creation-faq. htm Creation Vs. Evolution II. 1999 17, May 2007. http://library. thinkquest. org/29178 Creation Versus Science 18 September 2006. 17May 2007 http://www. creationtheory. org

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