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Published: 2020-01-28 10:11:17
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Learning, according to the Wikipedia, is the knowledge acquired through study, experience or being thought. Parents often think that learning only takes place in the school area for their children, where the information that are being thought to their child are sufficient for them to be able to get a good grades. For me, this is not true. Effective learning also takes place beyond the school, in so many cases.

Every person should be learning more from real life than in the class room. All knowledge are being junked inside a students brain by only the specific subject thought by the teachers, and not from a real-life experience. Personal experience is essential for every human kind to obtain knowledge that cannot be forgotten. For instance, in an early age, the teacher would teach students about animals. The students can never forget the knowledge if they are being brought to a zoo and see them in real life compare to the the information given in the class. Knowledge that are given by a life-experience, will remain in ones memory, and will never be loss.

Students should be able to use their critical thinking skill to answer various kind of questions, on the spot. This skill is necessary for students to be able to be successful in modern life in general. If this skills are not being teach in a public school system, then the system, by definition, is failing. Critical thinking is best learnt outside the classroom, where students can actually develop their brain by responding to (¦ idk how to explain) For example,, which is a news-blog, said that students can gain more critical thinking by watching a television, rather than being inside a classroom. By watching the daily show with Jon Stewart, students can form a pile information and interactions that do not comes from a tight schools environment. This shows that effective learning, in this case critical thinking, do takes place outside the school.

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