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Published: 2020-02-25 05:11:38
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Input data is data which is put into the computer. This data is then also split into two sections, data needed for the creation and data needed for it to run. First of all the data needed for the creation of the system would include the logo, photographs/pictures which are image inputs and there are three devices available to input an image. However, none of this input data can be put through if there is no hardware to do it; therefore hardware is needed to transfer this information into the computer. First of all, you have the choice of a scanner for an image input.

The scanner is very good when it comes to things such as transferring images from paper to computer but doesnt help with other things. The scanner can also take up a lot of space in the office and is quite mechanical and may be hard to get used to. The scanner however gives many options for size and quality of the images and can be very useful in many other ways. There is also the choice of the digital camera, which is always very handy. The digital camera is very quick and easy to use, as all you need to do is take a photo of the desired object and then plug it into your computer and copy the file.

It is a simple way of getting images up quickly. This is very different from the scanner because you can actually take the photos whereas the scanner you could only scan in images which were already printed. The digital camera is very easy to carry around and does not take up a lot of space either, the price is also quite low and affordable, and this is why I recommend the company use the digital camera and this is why I will be using a digital camera in setting up the images for the website.

Other inputs are the company details, contact details, ticket prices which are text input and there are two recommended devices and one additional one. These are all input data that will be needed for the basic creation of the system and they are needed for it to be set it up. First of all there is the QWERTY keyboard. It is cheap which is very useful because the company is quite low on budget and it means that you can easily replace it if it breaks. Its 20 cm x 20 cm which is efficient for the company as they dont have much space and is easy to use.

A lot of people have this keyboard, so you dont have to spend time to get used to it and many people know how to use it. However it tends to cause RSI if used for too long which can possibly apply to staff in the company as they would be constantly on the computer. The QWERTY keyboard also has a lot of different options and types of texts to put in so it has a very wide range available. You can also use a voice recognition microphone to input text data, which saves up a lot of time as you dont have to type anything.

You simply speak into the microphone, and it automatically inserts it into the computer for you. It is easy, fast and hands free. The cost ranges from i?? 5 and over as it depends on the quality of the sound you require. The microphone would be the only cost you would have to pay if the computer system is Windows XP or higher. Furthermore, if new staff joins the company and they do not have high technical skills, the voice recognition microphone will be very useful as there is nothing to learn other than speaking into a microphone, and it reduces the risk of RSI.

However, the microphone might have not have great results because there might be background noise interference and the computer may not understand what they are saying or there may be many words the computer does not know and therefore can be a problem. For the company I recommend the QWERTY keyboard as it is very common, easily handled and can be used for a wide range of different things. Next there is the data needed for the system to keep on running, this means it needs to be easily changeable and edited and it also has to be easily accessible.

Input data needed for the system to keep running is changes and updates for information on website and also data inputted by customers on booking page need to be able to change while the system is running. There are also buttons and hyperlinks which are inputs that need to be able to change when the system is running as they are constantly used and buttons have to be able to edit when the website does as well. For moving around the site there are also three devices available. First of all there is the mouse, it allows you to move around the computer, and click on different types of things.

The mouse is very small so it takes up less space, however the mouse can get a bit untidy with the wire. There are two different types of mice: Roller ball (this can come wireless too) and optical. The fact that it has a wire limits the amount of movement; however it is connected to a continuous power supply so it doesnt need batteries. However it requires the ball to be cleaned frequently so dust isnt collected on it. Another type is the optical mouse (which isnt wireless). This doesnt require any batteries (similar to the roller ball mouse) however its cheaper.

It uses camera technology and digital processing to track the positioning of the mouse. It is so much more efficient because it requires a LED light which sees where the mouse should be on the screen. It is unlikely to break which is very useful, and it doesnt need a mouse pad or a smooth surface to work. For the company I recommend the optical mouse as it is very efficient and is the most popularly used around the world and for the new staff being hired it would be easy for them to use as they will probably be used to it.

To create this website I will also be using the optical mouse as recommended for the company because of its manoeuvrability and efficiency. Output Data The output data is the information that will be coming out of the website and what it produces or what you can see from it. The output data consists of things like the actual website and what that produces, print outs like ticket receipts and company details. For the visual effect which is outputted from the website (can consist of pictures and text) there are the following hardware devices which you can use to view these output data.

A CRT monitor is very heavy, and the screen flickers because you have to keep on refreshing the images on the screen, and this is not very convenient. However it is very cheap, so this is good as if it does break you can replace it easily. A monitor is a LCD/TFT, these monitors can cost between i?? 110 and i?? 180 which is a fairly reasonable price if you think how much better it will be for the working environment. The cheaper ones, priced at i?? 110 are normally a 17 inch screen and it doesnt flicker because only the crystals which need changing are changed.

This means it is easier on the eyes and another advantage is that it will last longer. This is very good because it costs a fair amount of money, so as long as it works for a long time itll be good. There is also a Plasma monitor, which works much like CRT monitors, but instead they use a flat, lightweight surface covered with tiny glass bubbles containing plasma. However, plasma monitors cost very much and are very expensive, but they do take up the least amount of space and would look neat and tidy in an office.

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