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Published: 2020-02-07 18:41:35
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Chicago is a major medical and dental center supported by high-class hospitals and research services offering to its dwellers. Chicago offers life science and biotech entrepreneurs with a balance of capital, community. The local companies are experienced vanguarding the diagnostics, therapeutics, medical equipment, food and environmental biotechnologies, and research and development related activities (World business Chicago, 2005). Transportation Chicagos boasts a major inland port and the railroad hub of the US, while the OHare International Airport is the worlds busiest airports.

The city has 1,084,127 number of passenger cars and 55,585 trucks (B plates) and 17,807 Trucks (RV) and Busses with total CTA passenger figure of 450,530,411 as per 2000. There are 3 airports, which handled 1,663,784 metric tons of cargo in 2000. The detail is shown in the table 1. 4 (Chicago Public Library, 2005). Lagos is connected by rail and road to all the major cities of Nigeria, while the city main Airport is Murtala Muhammad International Airport situated in city center. Ferries and highways form the transportation link for the city, but transport links within Lagos are crowded due to chaotic and unplanned geography of the city.

Its volatile population, broken roads and reckless drivers, worsens the situation (Simmie, 2001) Table 1. 4 Chicago has total 791 parks, which includes baseball, basketball, bathing beaches, field houses, playgrounds, football, golf courses, driving ranges and gymnasiums with total area of 7,337 acres. There are also 5,327 harbor facilities and swimming pools, and zoos. (Chicago Public Library, 2005) In Lagos near the lagoon, Ebute Metta, multitude of wooden homes and shops are built over the frail silt which offer cheap living and food. The people sit in the middle and enjoy meals in the middle of stink, naked kids and beggars.

The shops are made by these people to have a living, as government doesnt seem to bother about their miseries. A council of elders resolves the issues inside the slums as government has little concern for these poor people (Smith, 2000). Water, sewerage and sanitation system The Chicago city has elaborate and well-developed water and sewerage, sanitation and recycling system. The city daily water pumpage is 969,225,00 gallons, while the water tunnels and lake covers an area of 63 miles. The city residential waste was about 1. 1 million ton as per 2000, while the total amount of recycling reached about 296,425 tons.

The total length of sewers is about 4300 miles with 148000 main holes. Lagos is built on poorly drained marshlands. The city suffers flooding not only in the rainy season, but sewage blockage floods the city slums regularly. Just like other third world cities, Lagos is riddled with garbage and waste disposal littered everywhere. The explosive population has led the boom in construction industry, but without any planning as a result the building constructed with cheap material collapse giving rise to series of accidents frequently. The city is infamous for its traffic jams, as some times a 10 km distance can take up to three hours.

Lagos has the reputation of the most dangerous city in the Africa. As the few bridge connects 3,500 square km of islands, swamp and the mainland, the highways run through mountains of garbage and wastelands with dirt and dust in the air passing through its 200 slums eternally drenched in sewage, garbage and industrial waste (Hall, 2001). The city haphazard planning has given rise to chaotic development, causing shortage of houses, roads, power, water and constant traffic jams. About 90 percent of the Nigerian people have access to electricity with Lagos consuming 45 percent of the energy (Octchet, 2005). www.cia.gov

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