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Published: 2020-01-02 02:10:10
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Welcome to SofterNet your source for web design and internet programming solutions! SofterNet is a highly motivated web design and development company based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our goal is to successfully deliver web solutions to both local and global clients. Whatever your web design and development needs may be, SofterNet can provide you with the perfect solution by using the best technologies, techniques, and developers available in the world.

Individual components of your website such as custom web development, Flash design, graphics, virtual tours, programming and internet marketing are done by developers whom we have personally chosen due to their specific training in the before mentioned skills and abilities. From conception to branding to implementation, SofterNet is proud to provide you with a turnkey solution that is within budget and on time. We provide web site design, updates, search engine optimization and domain name registration in all-inclusive packages that promise to make it easy for you to get on the web fast and hassle free.

At SofterNet, when your need meets with our expertise, we call it a solution. Services Custom Web Design, Database Design, and Integration At Softernet, we can create a custom website, either static or dynamic, that represents your companys image and gives your business a unique, professional look. Do you need an efficient database driven website? Softernet has the ability to create exactly what you need at the price you can afford. We are also proud to offer FileMaker software. FileMaker is a powerful database that can be accessed by almost any system and is used to integrate companies quickly and securely.

It can also be programmed to automatically take care of everyday tasks, receive data entry faster, and make sure that your work is presented perfectly every time. FileMaker is the perfect solution for sharing information both professionally and securely. Our employees will handle all the details for you, including registering your domain, setting up your hosting and email accounts, designing your website, and adding software to your exact specifications. We will be satisfied when you are satisfied. Do you want to spice up your website? Try¦

Internet Applications and Flash Animation Softernet can make your new website interactive and interesting by using custom Internet components. Do you prefer or need a specific programing technique? Our employees are highly trained in every kind of programing language, so we can create anything you need at a reasonable price. Do you want to bring your site to life? We can help by using Flash media! Your website viewers are sure to be impressed with your sites advanced animation and text effects. Remember, an interesting site pulls in more people than a dull site.

Make yours irresistible! Maybe you have concerns about learning to update your site. Worry no more! We offer¦ Content Management Systems Softernet can integrate a web based content management tool into your website to allow you to instantly update your site without any technical knowledge. With the content management system, you will be able to add, modify, and remove content as easily as using a word processor program. Youll love the simplicity, and your customers will love your up to date website! Now your website is up to date, but you want to venture into ecommerce.

We can help with¦ Ecommerce Solutions Do you need to sell your product from your website, but you dont know how to start? We provide professional ecommerce services such as web design, shopping cart development, and integration. Your services can be for sale in no time! But, how are people going to find your site and your services? Heres how¦ Search Engine Optimization Softernet makes all our websites search engine friendly! We also provide the ultimate search engine optimization and submission services for every type of website.

With our search engine optimization, your site will be optimized, submitted, and monitored to reach maximum ranking in the top search engines. This service is guaranteed to bring more visitors to your site, and more visitors mean more business! This is a service you simply cannot do without. Portfolio Would you like to get an idea of what your website might look like in its finished state? In our portfolio, you can take a look at websites that we have created for other customers. Take some time to look around at the different functions and features that these websites offer, and get some ideas of what you would like to have on yours.

Everything featured in this portfolio is available for your website, so pick your favorite or choose different features from different websites. When you see something you like, let us know. We will then get to work on building the perfect website for your particular needs. Thank You Softernet would like to thank you for requesting a quote for our services. We will review your information, and we will contact you as soon as possible with your quote. Thanks again for using Softernet, and have a nice day.

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