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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Driving a car is a lot of fun and the danger is often overlooked by many. With the dangers rarely being taken into consideration the effects are noticed and felt on a daily basis in our society. People fail to realize that driving requires all five senses. Many people are too confident, some preoccupied, and the most dangerous of all is not being in the right state of mind. Many of todays drivers have dangerous habits some good and some bad in the end they are all dangerous habits that affect us all.

Many of us begin driving very cautiously and soon feel invulnerable on the street. People tend to feel as if they know it all and take their luck for granted while endangering the lives of others. Cars now a day can go much faster than the law permits us to go. For example my father has a Chevrolet Corvette with a heavy foot, he says I am the kind of the road and feels a sense of enjoyment when he is going faster than everyone else. His excuse is never being in a car accident. My sister on the other uses her knee while driving in the city and on the highway!

Lets just say for a second a tire blows and while driving with her knee she does not have enough time to grab the wheel causing her to lose control ending in a major car accident. Maybe the worst of all is convincing yourself a seat belt is not necessary simply because you are too good of a driver. I felt as if I knew it all and there was no need for a seat belt needless to say it saved my life. Everyday distractions take away a lot from a driver and his/her ability to drive well. Cell phones are yet another horrible habit while driving from talking to text messaging.

For instance I was on my way to school when the car in front of me slammed on his/her brakes as did I and when looking into my rearview mirror hoping to see if the car behind was going to be able to stop in time all I saw was a girl with both hands on her phone text messaging someone, I know this because she later confessed it to me. Another women putting on makeup while driving, take my mother for example her philosophy is why do my makeup in the house when it can be done in the car to save time.

What she doesnt realize is every time she looks in the mirror to see how her lipstick is coming out she is putting herself in a very dangerous situation. Yet another is music. Just about everyone listens to the radio as loud as can be while driving. Take for instance and young man ready to change lanes with a car in his blind spot and with his new stereo full blast he doesnt hear the horn from the car he just cut off causing a potentially fatal accident. From cell phones, makeup, and a radio full blast a driver can never be in the fully focused on the road.

Yet worst of all a person getting behind the wheel when he/she is not capable of driving. Drinking and driving is by far the worst habit a person can have while driving. Drunk drivers are a menace at every hour of the day, but at night their visibility is cut in half making the situation much worse than it already is. Imagine a young man on his way home from a club in the early morning hours while there is a car broken down unable to pull over, because he is impaired he will not be able to react quick enough to avoid the disabled vehicle.

Another horrible habit is getting behind the wheel when you are not rested. Some people do not have a choice as their schedule does not allow them time to sleep enough. Take my father for example on his way home one day with stop and go traffic he dosed off for a second and rear ended the person in front of him. He had no choice to drive but there are things he could have done to wake himself up such as drinking a cup of coffee or eating something before commuting.

Driving is dangerous enough and to top it off we all make it worse with our dangerous driving habits. We all need to make better decisions as when to drive, how to drive and when not to drive. It takes a lot of effort to change our driving habits on the road and it will not happen without plenty of discipline and dedication. I have only listed a few yet important habits developed by drivers. If we are driving then we are old enough to know right from wrong and need to make smarter decisions while driving.

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