Dark Romantics or Transcendentalists? Essay

Published: 2020-02-06 20:42:58
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Is there good in evil (transcendentalists), or is there evil in good (dark romantics)? I believe in both of these statements dark romantics and transcendentalists because people in this world do awful things that affect others but in some way they do things that can help our environment and our society. Such as not littering, cleaning up at home, and many other decent things.

We have our marvelous side with a bit of evil that isnt shown much. For example if someone wins the lottery no matter how good their intentions were to use it in a good way, money will release the inner evil they have which is greed. This person will waste their money on useless things that arent worth it, and also show off which showing off I consider a harsh thing to do.

Transcendentalists people are the ones who are more social than others because they show their expressions towards other and theyre also very social with whom they see around them. Unlike dark romantic people who are just very quite though out the whole time. Quite people dont really show their expressions towards how their mood or on how they feel against actions.

Our dark side with some bit of good? I think these people are most likely consider hypocrites because they use their little bit of good to get things or catch some attention in which they rarely get because of their negative behavior. There people (dark romantics) have a negative people towards others or even on what they think. Always thing negative, and also have negative thoughts about their surroundings. Another words, they are always hopeless. For example, when Im nervous, I think negative and always end up getting the opposite actions.

Dark romantics and transcendentalists dont have anything much in common. Theyre both a lot different from each other. The differences between Dark romantics and transcendentalists is that dark romantics have Its the dark side of human behavior and its almost hopeless, and transcendentalists is more hopeful or made up of idealists. In conclusion, there are people out there that can be on these statements. People treat others with care, and some just dont care about anything but them selves. So if youre one of those people make sure you change that before others start making judgments.

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