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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Database means a compilation or collection of data and information in defined or meaningful manners. This compilation of data or information concerning a specific theme or topic, in a distinct, well-organized and compacted way is known as database. The data and information salvaged and kept in database is extremely related and create data recovery simple and quick. Few examples of database are Airplane Timetables, Library card index and personal address books. (What is database? a definition from Whatis. com)

Database Management System or DBMS are the soft wares or application soft wares which are used in organizations or companies of all sizes to pile up, keep, recover and process database regularly and quickly. Therefore, the definition of Database Management systems can be written as: The computer program or application software which is written particularly to generate, keep and access database in compact and useful styles. These days there are numerous types of soft wares which are excellent and quality database management systems.

Oracle, Microsoft Access and DB2 are few examples. However, Oracle is one of the hugely used Database management systems in industry, companies or organizations these days. The functioning and characteristics of other database management systems are good and effective but Oracle is more vastly used database software in use in organizations. (White) The importance or suggestion of oracle is mostly based on its characteristics and reputation. Oracle users are extremely pleased and comfortable with the setting, facilities and characteristics supplied by Oracle.

Banking Industry or Banks are one of the largest and growing organizations in a world. Without any disbelief banks has the largest number of clients or customers. Therefore, banks need and wants such database application software which should perform the necessities of banks. Oracle is software which performs and fulfills all the needs and wants of employees of banking industry. These are the few common characteristics of Oracle which proves its importance and dependability in the banking industry. (Financial Banking)

In banks, one of the major and main problems or thread is the shortage or limitation of time. Banks are the organizations that have a largest amount of branches network. Therefore, in this circumstances oracle provide the facility to process data and information at a highest speed available today. Moreover, oracle provides the access to the relevant data by identifying the authority of employees. This facility increases the speed of network and reduces the work load on the servers and networks. (Financial Banking) Oracle is an object rational database and object to oriented database.

This is one of the most important features of Oracle. Oracle has a capability to take care of data and information of any organization as objects and can show relation among different objects. In banking industry, there are several types of bank accounts based on the nature of banks offers. Therefore, oracle can treat these sorts of accounts separately. Moreover, oracle executes and works at a high speed which reduces the time consumption. Another facility is that oracle can describe the standard functions and procedure that can act upon them. (Financial Banking)

For the success or complete working of any database system, it is very important to have enough man power who can work on database. As far as Oracle is concerns, there is a huge amount of people who are expert in using oracle. Moreover, in universities and colleges students prefer to learn Oracle more than any other database management system. Therefore, presence of oracle experts is another major point which makes oracle the first choice in banking industry. (Financial Banking) Security is another problem for banks these days. Banks are responsible of providing security to the money of their clients.

Moreover, it is also very important to secure the personal data of their clients too. Oracle provides the facility of security more than other database management systems available today. Oracle ensures the access of important data to the authorized and relevant users only. However, all unauthorized users can view a small amount of information but the main and vital information is secured in oracle. (Financial Banking) Banks are commonly having branches all over the especial region or area and these branches are usually linked through computer networks.

Therefore, it is very vital to consider that each bank branch have same data about the entity. So, when some entity gets updated the main database is updated, and then it triggers to update an event for its entire replicates region wide. In this way all branches get updated and all have the latest and the most recent information about entity is available. (Financial Banking) Maintaining database can create problems when it comes to treat with a huge amount of data. Employees in any organization can face problems when they came across a huge amount of data. This huge amount of data contains a lot of irrelevant data too.

However, Oracle can reduce the irrelevant data by itself. Oracle deletes the repetition or duplication of data. If more than one relation of an entity is to be considered, the separate relational table is created. In this way an entity remains unique with in the table. (Financial Banking) Oracle database due to its powerful characteristics, lower waste of time, user friendly environment, un ambiguous data use and storage, security and safety of data and capacity to control data efficiently could be considered as a right choice for the complex systems for instance Banking System.

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