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Published: 2020-01-31 18:11:45
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What makes a woman beautiful? Today our society has turned beauty into something that is unrealistic. Many are familiar with features that classify a woman as beautiful such as having a pretty face, flawless skin, skinny figure and sparkling eyes. However, each of us has our own perception of beauty. Everyone has different tastes. We have certain features that we like and dislike, which makes it difficult to define what beauty truly is. If we cannot agree on what traits define beauty, then how can a woman discover their own?

The problem is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is never more true than seen over time and between different cultures.  Over time, our concept of beauty seems to fluctuate. Sometimes favoring rather heavy individuals and at other times very skinny ones.The beauty concept on this way are often corresponding to the way looks correlate with wealth. For example, during eras when food was scarce, excess flesh was seen as a sign of wealth and therefore of beauty. However, today, with fattening food cheap and plentiful, being thin is a sign of someone who has the time to eat right and exercise, and therefore is a sign of wealth, with obesity looked upon as a sign of lower economic status.

In different cultures, parts of the body may be purposefully exaggerated in the name of beauty, the effects of which might even seem strange to those of another culture. Western & Eastern beauty concept¦

In the West, we have a very fixed idea of what beauty comprises. To have a chance of being considered beautiful, women must be tan, tall, slim, and youthful, have large breasts small waists and have long hair. There is a Western influence felt today by civilizations. The entertainment and media industries in Europe and America have become experts in presenting and promoting a fixed definition of beauty to the world.

For the Eastern, in many Southeast Asian countries, the fairness of skin is considered to be a definition of beauty. Unlike their European and American counterparts, who sometimes work hard to develop a tan, girls from these countries work to avoid any extra coloring. To them, dark skin suggests generations of agricultural work under a hot sun, which means a low or common status. Another mark of beauty in some areas of Asia is having large eyes. Because of this, and a desire to stand out, it is not uncommon for Asian women to undergo surgery to make their eyes appear larger and have Caucasian-looking eyelids.

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