Deforestation and Minimal Logging Advantages Essay

Published: 2020-01-24 10:40:34
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According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) the country has now only about seven million hectares of forest land left. The illegal logging has contributed to the rapid deforestation not to mention the continuous release of permits to big logging companies. It is no wonder the country suffers from consistent floods and landslides all year round. According to the recent reports of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDMC) about 262,107 families have lost their homes while about 1.355 million people have been affected. But this is only one of the many adverse effects of deforestation. Some negative consequences of it include disruption of water cycle, loss of biodiversity, and climate change.

A. Is there moral dilemma?

* Due to the increasing population of the ph. The increasing demand for abundant resources like wood is at need due to the development of cities. For those loggers its a good opportunity for them to do the job even if they risk their life for the sake of feeding their family. Ang tagabukid nagsalig sa pagputol og kahoy aron maka income sila. Tungod ana I safrisyo ilang there are willing to take the risk.

B. Is it better stop engaging illegal logging?

C. Reasoning process

1. Relevant facts
* Gain profit
* Casualties
2. Stake holders
* Government
* People
* Consumer
3. Options
* To continue illegal logging
* To stop illegal logging
* Minimal logging
4. Evaluate option
a. To continue illegal logging
Advantages: they gain money
Disadvantages: they destroy the forest
b. To stop illegal logging
Advantages: protect the biodiversity and sustain life
Disadvantages: walay trabaho ang mga tao
c. Minimal logging
Advantages: protect the biodiversity and sustain life
Disadvantages: less income and work

5. Determine the most appropriate best course of action * We choose option 3 WHY?

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