Delhi to Be Made City of Dreams Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Eyeing the assembly polls later this year, Delhi government promised to make the national capital a city of dreams by ratcheting up efforts to meet aspirations of all section of the citizens. In this address at the assembly on the first day of budget session , Lt governor Tejendra khanna, while speaking about various initiatives of the government ,resolved to regularizes all unauthorized colonies and provide housing accommodation to slum dwellers in the city ,The confidence in my government reposed by three citizens of Delhi has inspired the government to dreams big .

We are not inclined to accept that growth and development have to be based on small incremental steps. Khanna said in this half an hour long speech. Claiming that the city has witnessed unprecedented and sweeping changes in the last 15 year,He said the government has aimed at making Delhi an efficient, productive and caring city in the 12th plan period. A whole generation that believes and takes for granted the metro, low floor buses, 24-hour electricity supply and even the increased green cove as features of Delhi life does not realize that these were non existent 12 years ago.

The fact is the these are result of major initiatives taken by the government over the last 15 years, Khanna said. On the issue of unauthorized colonies he said all efforts are being made to remove the obstacles for regularization of all the unauthorized colonies. The government in September last year had regularized 895 unauthorised colonies. Nearly 50 lakh people are currently resident in 1639 unauthorised colonies which constitute a major vote bank . On the economy will continue to aim at achieving fiscal consolidation by series of initiatives including improving efficiency in governance.

Delhi continues to contribute a healthy 3. 8 percent to the GDP at the national level. The per capital income of Delhi in 2012-2013 is about three times the national level. Compare to other metropolitan cities, the rates of inflation was the lowest due to constant monitoring and timely and effective intervention, he said. Unlike Nagpur, Allahabad, jodhpur Kozhikode and Sri Nagar that have more houses than applicants, the wait for a residential accommodation for government employees in Delhi is getting longer and directorate of estates in the city is swamped with requests for house.

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