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1. White whiskers make Kris Kringle look like he is seventy five, but when he laughs or walks he seems to be not a day over fifty. His eyes are quick and happy, and he has a matching smile. He looks precisely like Santa Clause, and he believes he is the one. Mr. Kringle dwells in Maplewood Home for the Aged. He spends most of the time smoking his pipe or whittling the toys he has in his room.

He has an uncanny way with animals. 2. Dr. Pierce is devoted to Mr. Kringle, and wants to protect him. 3. Jim likes Mr. Kringle, he is wondered at his uncanny way with animals. He has been working in the Zoo for many years already. 4. Mrs. Doris Walker is businesslike women, handsome and well-dressed. She is divorced, does not want any engagements, disappointed in close relationships. Has a daughter. 5. Mr. Shellhammer is spectacled, very much haired and bold gentleman 6. Fred Gayley is a young and attractive lawyer in one of the oldest citys firms. Fred is filled with childlike wonder and excitement. 7. Susan is a rather serious child of six.

Susan is intelligent, maybe too much so for a child of her age, but with no gaiety about her. Fun is a stranger to this girl. III. Summary of chapters Dr Pierce, working in Maplewood Home for the Aged tells Kris Kringle, the dweller of this facility, that he has to move to Mount Home Sanatorium. Mapplewoods charter considers Kris to be not little out of his mind, as he claims he is Santa Claus. Kris promises Dr Pierce to give him an X-ray machine, and doctor says he will believe Kris is a real Santa, if he gets one.

Mr. Kringle takes his belongings and asks his friend, Jim the zookeeper to host him. While he walks in Central Park Kris sees a Christmas Parade, and a drunken Santa. Mrs. Walker, who is responsible for the personnel of the parade, asks Mr. Kringle to substitute Santa, and he agrees. When Doris Walker comes home she sees that her daughter Susan is watching the parade with their neighbor Fred, a young lawyer. She describes her problems with Santa Claus to them. Fred takes her away and tells she should not talk about Santa like that for not to disappoint Susan.

Doris says girls should not have illusions, and should not wait for Prince Charming. Fred asks her to consider he may be the sort of person she needs. Doris answers that she has burnt her fingers once. V. Most Important Events of the chapters Kris Kringle leaves Mapplewood Home for the Aged. He becomes a Santa on the Christmas Parade. Doris Walker tells about her problems with Santa Clause to her daughter. Fred tries to persuade Doris he might be the man she needs, but Doris does not believe him

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