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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Hotel industry is very popular, and as I think it will exist as long as people will. Traveling- has always been one of the most popular entertainment. Of course it has changed in past view years. But one thing will never change Customer service- is hotels money. People are paying money for being well served. Customers are like children, you always must take good care about them. Hotels differ by the stars. More stars hotel has, the price of the hotel is more expensive. But it does mean that services will be the best.

People, because of good service, stay in hotels longer. They like being cared, and sometimes instead of going home, they prefer stay in hotel. Where they dont have to do house work, dont have to cook, or worry about anything. Hotel managers and stuff should always put their visitors on first place. As it is said That one who pays is right For businesses, the hospitality is crucial that as a potential customer takes the quality of the services market, that is, when considering the concept of quality in the centre of attention is the individual consumer.

The concept of quality from a position of consumers considered by many authors. Some are suited to this concept as follows: Quality is the satisfaction of consumer expectations for the price he can afford when it became necessary. High quality exceeding consumer expectations for a lower price than he suggests. In assessing the quality of service consumers to compare what he gave, that he might seek.

Expected service represents the expected quality and can relate to individual desires and standards of consumers, with the objective to the expectations, or any other standard of comparison. Evaluation of the service depends on the experience of treatment to producers of such services, from the knowledge services market communication (information from the advertising, media, catalogues, brochures), the personal desires of the consumer and the manufacturers image.

Screening perception means that the same service is perceived by all its customers in different ways, by their nature, personality, interests, personal qualities, knowledge, and situations in which the consumption of services. Perception of quality may at the time of consumption to adapt to the expectations formed. If the perceived quality deviates slightly from expectations, the consumer adjusts to fit their perception of expectations. But if the perceived service is not fully up to expectations, there is a contrast effect: higher expectations reinforce negative perceptions. Thats why Hotel should always match its description. And do not have to embellish Delivering quality service it is one of the major challenges facing hospitality managers in the opening years of the next

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