Destruction with Total Control Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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In the book Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell shows the thesis to be that totalitarianism is destructive. He shows this by the rather unfortunate setting which has been put this way because the lack of concern. The conflict with the characters shows how a place being led by totalitarianism will unravel even what were at some point the closest relationships. Also with the plot development, eventually the government will destroy everything, including your brain throughout threats and torture. One of the first things it starts off with is the physical being of the city, the setting of the novel. Winston notices how the apartments could use a lot of work and they need constant fixing such as;The plastered flakes fell constantly from ceilings and walls, the pipes burst in every hard frost (22).

The government could care less about what the city looks like and peoples wellbeing so most of the average people have to deal with problems like that with their homes. Winston mentions On each landing, opposite the lift shaft the poster with the enormous face gazed on the wall¦Big Brother is watching you, caption beneath it ran (1-2). This is showing the complete take over by the frightful posters being plastered everywhere making sure everyone knows they arent safe. The city was filled with telescreens that would watch their every move, It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any place within range of a telescreen (65). The telescreens made it so that people had no place to think freely because there were practically no places where you werent under constant surveillance. Which is how totalitarianism destroys the setting in the novel.

The destruction of relationships though conflict plays a big role in the book. Mr. Parsons, Winstons neighbour, talks about his daughter who Heard what [he] was saying and nipped off to the patrols the next day (245). He was sleep talking about bringing Big Brother down, because his daughter had been taught to be a spy she reported him, not even thinking of the fact that she was getting rid of her own father. After Winston was being tortured because of the thought crime he committed and OBrian was sent to change his ways OBrian drew back the lever on the dial. The wave of pain receded almost as quickly as it had come (257). Even though he had been in the brotherhood with him OBrian still betrayed Winston because he knew if he didnt he would be the one enduring all of the pain. Winston and Julia were very close, in love even, but when asked after the torture he had confessed in the most trivial detail everything that happened at their meetings (286).

Instead of being a good person he completely turned against her because of what the government had done to him. Showing how with totalitarianism comes the destruction of relationships. The plot really ties the whole idea that eventually after destroying everything else the totalitarian government will destroy the mind. They twist words to make it seems as though they are always right and even if its not true make it seem like youre in the wrong. Shall I tell you why we have brought you here? To cure you! Make you sain! (265). Even though Winston had the right idea to betray Big Brother OBrian makes him think hes not mentally well for doing so.

The government made sure that the mental change would be permanent What happens to you here is forever¦We shall crush you down to the point from which there is no coming back (266). Giving you no way to change your mind after if you did not agree, making it as though they had complete control over you. Finally after Winston had been though all of the physical and mental tortures, what he said he would rather die than do, he did. He finally said he had won the battle over himself. He loved Big Brother (311).

This proved they had completely destroyed and remade his brain, breaking down all of his morals and changing his outlooks on life. All proving how the destruction of your brain is inevitable with a totalitarian society. Throughout exploring some key traits of the book such as the dreadful setting which could only have put people in a bad mood. All of the conflicts with the characters putting them through so much torture and mind control to teach them to betray practically anyone other than Big Brother. As well as the plot of the destruction of the mind and how to accomplish that, Orwell proves his thesis to be that totalitarianism is destructive. From the outside in eventually you will be destroyed.

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