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Published: 2020-02-19 17:11:16
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I chose to put a very limited amount of information on my front page because I wanted to attract the readers attention simply. I placed Oxfams logo on the front page, because I knew that as soon as people saw the logo they would know which charity my leaflet was for. I spread out my chart all over one page because I thought the statistics needed a lot of space to be seen clearly. My text is fairly well spread out. I dont want to put too much text on one page because I am aiming my leaflet at teenagers and if there is too much text on one page they will lose interest and not bother to read my leaflet.

My page orientation was landscape because that is how leaflets are usually set out and I wanted my leaflet to be just like any other leaflet about a charity. My paragraphs are short with a fairly large font because I was afraid that if I put too much text in a small font my target audience would not bother to read it. My centre columns in the middle are 10mm apart. This will allow enough room when I fold my leaflet in half and it will make the text in the leaflet seem more logically spaced out, and not bunched up at the sides.

I put in sub heading to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for in my leaflet. I also changed the colour of my subheadings to green so that it stands out from the body text and matches the colour of the Oxfam logo. All of my margins are 20mm. This is a good number because I know that the printer wont print any of my work if it is in a 15mm margin or less. I chose an image of a short poem about poverty. The late Mother Teresa wrote it and it really made me think about the poor people in the world and what we can do to help them.

Hopefully this image will have the same effect on my target audience. I chose an image of smiling children to show people what the poor children could look like with their help. I think that my leaflet will be suitable to my target audience because I have used only a small amount of text, but it gets straight to the point. So even if my target audience does have an incredibly short attention span, they should be able to read my leaflet with ease. The images are bright and eye catching. I was quite pleased with the outcome of my end leaflet but then thought of ways to change to so this is what I did:

Leaflet 2: I think my second leaflet is better than the first because I broke up the text a bit more to make it look more appealing and to make it easier to read. I also changed the font to a more attractive font. I enlarged the picture because I thought the picture had true meaning to what the charity was all about. I also enlarged the contact numbers and addresses on the back page because it will hopefully entice people to contact the charity and find out any extra information they need to know about donating or any queries they may have.

I reduced the size of my statistics chart to make more room to move around my text. The chart is still easy to read. So it still fulfils its purpose in making the audience realise just how many people are living in poverty in our world today. I did not see the need to change the page orientation because my leaflet is supposed to be produced landscape. I didnt change the size of my centre columns or margins, because I thought that the present ones were suitable. I left my subheadings in the same green colour because I thought it was good idea to make them stand out.

I left the image of the smiling children on the back page because I thought it was a pleasant way to end the leaflet. Leaflet 3: I decided that I didnt have enough information on my leaflet so I changed it again. I left my front page and back page because I thought they were suitable for my target audience. I entered another paragraph of derived text from my paper-based resource. I added more subheadings so that my audience would know what they were reading about and to make the leaflet more consistent. I had to change the font size from 14 to 13 and I changed my text to normal instead of italic.

I think this leaflet looks the most appealing and has the most information so I am going to choose it for my final idea. I also decided to change the front page of my leaflet because I thought it looked a little plain and might not entice my audience to pick it up and read it. I added another image to make the front cover look more interesting and to attract my audiences attention. Leaflet choice: I am going to choose leaflet 3 because I think it has the most information and the most relevant size font and graphics. It is the most suited to my target audience and I think it looks the most appealing.

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