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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The masterpiece of Mirza Ghalib was a remarkable one. Indeed, in his time and age his works truly depicts a close connection between his readers and himself as he wrote a work of art. His ways of exemplifying his intense feelings towards his works were undeniably great. Given that most of his works are written in a different manner, the translation of which emphasizes the true meaning of his passion towards a certain instance.

Ghalibs poetry holds an extremely enticing charisma which negates his ideas to his readers. Accordingly, his work of art was filled with human experiences which also give light to his poetry. Heart it is, not a brick or stone/ why shouldnt feel the pain? / Let none tyrannize this heart/ or shall I cry again and again (Ghalib, lines 1 4), tremendously, his works presents diverse significant scenario which made his readers to think broadly and expand their horizon.

Parallel to this, the manner in which Ghalib demonstrate his ideals through his poems symbolizes a Romantic tradition. The fascination of artistic complex and intellectual movement were at hand. In consonance to the works that surrounds a Romantic tradition, we can easily grasp the similarity on the manner in which Wordsworth poem relates to the manner of Ghalibs poetry. The existence of artistic element was deeply felt in both works.

Ultimately, both writers may differ at some point, like that of the ways in which Wordsworth masterpiece was comprehensible as compared to Ghalibs work in which on a different level, was in need of a translation. However, both work of genius provides sensuality that gives interesting perceptions. The paramount contribution of Mirza Ghalib to literary arts truly defines the romantic tradition. His articulation in his works makes him known in the realm and at the end of the day he will remain in the minds and hearts of his readers.

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