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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Even though Delia was constantly put down and made to feel less than human by her husband and the community around her, but her spirit and sense of self was never completely smothered. She apparently approaches the abuses with hope and sense of purpose. Delia was being dominated by the good side of her human nature, especially in terms of optimism. The story was written in the early 1900s where male dominates the civilization. Hence, the plays depict the conventional and traditional domestic nature of women and the different possibilities of how women will respond to it.

In most literature that explore womens position in a male dominated society and in a society where there is an apparent form of inequality, the constructed roles of women that gives them limited opportunities often makes them powerless psychologically and emotionally. Naturally, men and women have the same need of freedom in creating their sense of identity and individuality. They need social interaction and participation in order to experience the fullness of their humanity. But in the case of Delia, no matter how helpless her situation seems to be, she never gives and fails to hope.

Most people may well say that that a womans first responsibility is her family and children, but a womans ultimate responsibility is herself. The writer in this story successfully demonstrates the message that wives and mothers should not stop and be trapped in their domestic roles but should continually discover their true selves and their true strengths and potentials. Women must experience true freedom. In this classic short story, Delia represents the women in the midst of a society where males often oppress females and reduce them to mere objects or playthings.

This oppression often enslaves them and prevents them from fully enjoying their individual freedom and eventually their God given potentials. The character of Delia apparently indicates that she is foremost a human being who must acquire equal human rights (Tornqvist 8). Moreover, Delias character proclaims the social message that only perfect freedom and communion make a true bond between a man and a woman, meeting in the open possibilities of who they are and respecting the human rights of each”free from the bondage of duty and expectations.

Apparently, the writer broke away from the romantic tradition of literature with his realistic portrayals of individual characters and exposure of psychological concerns of human beings especially during his time.

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