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Published: 2020-01-24 03:42:26
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· What does communication style mean to you? Describe how your communication style changes depending on who you are communicating with. How does your communication style change with friends, family, classmates, and instructors? What are the key differences between academic and casual communication styles?

The communication style means sending messages or message to a person or group in different ways in different situations. Communication style could be straight forward or combination of wording, phrases, facial expressions, and body language/gesture. Our body language can changes depend on the current emotions, situation, and relationship with the other person, and needs of either party. Communication style instantly changes even in family depending on the ages and relationships. For example if I am communicating with my parents or in-laws I needed to be more respectful and obedient. This communication style will apply with them in any situation. But communicating with my children requires directive, kind, caring and assertive. When it comes to my husband I am comfortable, free and at times intimates.

Friends, classmate, and coworker, bosses, and instructors communications are more involvement in activities of academic, social, productive or quality of work, and learning mode. Emotions and environment can play a major role in communicational habits. If someone grow up in abusive environment that persons emotion is going to give that person some abnormal communicational habits for whole life. On the other hand if someone is growing up with guardians with high education, care, discipline, good redirections. That person is going to follow the same steps of his/her not only communication style but also life style. The key difference between Academic and casual communication is involved with tone and proper language either written or verbal. Talking to a close friend does not need proper grammar or tone but with instructors and classmate I will be careful with my tone and grammar I am using all the time.

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