Dominican Republic and Hero Essay

Published: 2020-02-24 13:52:28
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Imagine a mother that leaves her education behind for the well-being and the future of her child. If that is not a hero, then what does the word hero really mean? A hero is not just a person with superpowers, but somebody who cares about others more than material things. A hero is someone who takes responsibility and protects the weak. Thus, the three types of heroes are everyday hero, superhero and famous hero. My three examples of heroes are Superman, my mother and the Mirabal sisters. They are different but share a common goal, which is to protect and care about others.

One kind of hero that exists all over the world is the everyday hero. The person that I consider my everyday hero is my mother. The qualities that make her my hero are her way of doing things, and also how she sacrifices herself for me. For example, she is responsible and shows her stronger side in front of us when we are facing difficult times. Also she is so lovely that almost everyone likes her when they meet her. She always says to me that her duties are to look after me but at the same time to give me the freedom to make mistakes and find bright sides of my mistakes.

The way that she influences me is that I see that sometimes she leaves what she is doing for her to take care of me. Even though many people argue that heroes are not real, I will disagree with them because I believe that everybody has a hero who protects them and looks after them. Throughout history many people have acted heroic, which makes them nowadays a famous hero. In addition, one of the most famous heroin women in D. R was Minerva Mirabal one of the Mirabal sisters. She fought an almost impossible war against the regime of Trujillo. But she never gave up.

Her optimism, self sacrifices and bravery made D. R a better country. Also, she opened peoples eyes about what Trujillo was really doing to the country and for that reason she went to jail. Even though she was a prisoner she still inspires many people to continue fighting against Trujillo. She made a lot of sacrifices to change the fate of Dominican women. Including not spending a lot of time with her children. Trujillo didnt allow anybody to talk bad about his govt; he killed Minerva and her sisters. However after their death and because of her activism the Dominican Republic change.

A Superhero is one type of hero that is very common among children. For instance, wonder woman is one of the most common superheroes on TV. She is characterized by beauty, power, bravery, speed, super strength, self sacrifice and quick temper. Also, She has lot of ability such as the power to fly and two bracelets that protect her from the attack of her enemies. In addition, she has a good relationship with superman and has superpowers like him. Her duties are to fight for justice against villains and protect weak people no matter what the time or place.

Even though she doesnt have a good relationship with humans, she looks after them. This is significant because superheroes were created to show kid that heroes are real. Therefore, kids can see that in this world exist both: heroes and villains. In conclusion, heroes are classified in three types; everyday heroes, famous heroes and super heroes. As examples of each type of hero I used my mother (everyday hero), Minerva Mirabal (famous hero) and Wonder Woman (super hero). They are different but share one common fact, to protect people from outside badness.

In my opinion, the most important hero is the everyday hero because they are here and now to give you advice and protect you. In the same way everyday heroes dont just make one change in this world, they continue doing it everyday. Finally, it may be true that superheroes are imaginary but it doesnt mean that all heroes dont exist. Many people have proven it with their heroic actions. In this essays I made it obvious that my mother is an everyday heroes because in my eyes she is irreplaceable and the bravest person in this world. Her way of guide us is very powerful by putting herself as an example.

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