Dont Judge a Book by Its Cover Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Dont judge a book by its cover. Have you ever heard this idiom? It means not to judged people or things by what they look like from the outside. May be you will wonder why I start this article with this idiom. Hmm.. let me share a bit of my life lesson about some people judge me by my appearance. This is a story about 3 years ago. I ride her scooter to college . One day, after finish my tenpin bowling training at Summit BP, I went to BP Mall with one of my team mate to buy a birthday present for my beloved sister for her coming birthday.

I want to give her a set of international brand perfume. We entered a perfume shop at Pacific mall, but suddenly few eyes of the sale girls look at us like we are some kind of alien entered their shop. But I just ignore them and I start looking at the brand that I want. When I saw this brand which i really love. I ask one of the salesgirl to give me a tester of that perfume. With the arrogant face, without a smile and unpleasant approach. That girl give a tester card.

Suddenly, one of her friend approaching her and they start to speak to each other in Chinese language, look at them, wearing that kind of shirt,but want to buy these kind of expensive things, does they have money or not, hate to see these kind of people. If dont have money, dont look at these thing , wasting our time rite?! and then they laugh to each other. Im really shock hearing what they said about us. Lucky me I can speak and listen to Chinese language very well because i used to study in Chinese school.

Im also not a kind that will burst or explode with this kind of situation. With a smile on my face, I said to the salesgirl Miss, im sorry but i change my mind. I dont think your perfume suit with me. But thank you by the way. Then I pull my friends hand and went to another perfume shop in front of the previous shop. There, I bought two set of the perfume that cost me more that half thousand. After that, I went back to the arrogant salesgirls and I kindly said to them in Chinese language. Excuse me miss, may I have a word with both of you? You cant treat your customer like you did to us. Even our dress or outfit not as pretty as your others customer, you still have to treat us equally. Dont judge people by what they look like from the outside. Thank God that im in a good mood today or else, I might seeing your manager to report your attitude. By the way, that shop in front of you have just receive RM600 from me. I smile at them, turn back and walk away.

Suddenly both of them call us and block our way. They apologies to us for their bad attitude and gave us a mini bottle of branded perfume as a apologies present. I forgive them and remind them again not to treat others like they treat us. That is one of my memory and experienced in life. A lesson for me too, not to judge others by their appearance. But judge them by their heart and attitude. Dont ever under estimate others. Now, i would like to tell another experience of me.

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