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Technology has taken an uprising since the late 20th century to our world today. Everyone essentially owns some sort of technological device from cellphones to computers. Companies like Microsoft, Xerox and Canon have made our lives simpler and possibly much easier, but there was another company waiting to override the norm and push an industry giant to its limits. Apple Incorporated followed an unconventional path to its recent success in the computer industry, despite being consistently dominated by Microsoft.

Apple Inc. s a multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, personal computers and portable digital music players, and mobile communications devices and sell a variety of related software, services, peripherals, and networking solutions. Its best-known hardware products are the Mac line of computers, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. Its software includes the OS X and iOS operating systems, the iTunes, the Safari web browser, and the iLife and iWork creativity and production suites.

The company was founded on April 1, 1976, and incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977. The word Computer was removed from its name on January 9, 2007, reflecting its shifted focus towards consumer electronics after the introduction of the iPhone. Apple is the worlds second-largest information technology company by revenue after Samsung Electronics and the worlds third-largest mobile phone maker after Samsung and Nokia. Fortune magazine named Apple the most admired company in the United States in 2008, and in the world from 2008 to 2012.

However, the company has received criticism for its contractors labor practices, and for Apples own environmental and business practices. As of November 2012, Apple maintains 394 retail stores in fourteen countries as well as the online Apple Store and iTunes Store. It is the second-largest publicly traded corporation in the world by market capitalization, with an estimated value of US$ 414 billion as of January 2013. As of September 29, 2012; the company had 72,800 permanent full-time employees and 3,300 temporary full-time employees worldwide.

Its worldwide annual revenue in 2012 totaled $156 billion. In May 2013, Apple had made it to the top ten of the Fortune 500 list of companies for the first time, taking the 6 position, 11 places up from the previous year Innovative Products Currently, Apples iPhone is the yearning of the modern man. Top-notch product design, an intuitive user-interface as well as fancy multimedia internet based services may contribute to its unique market position. Therefore, if not yet accomplished, many software developers are considering getting into the iPhone platform ASAP, serving the market Industry Leaders For the past three years Apple has been known by fortune as the worlds most admired company. They are known for elegant product design, innovation, customer loyalty, brand-building marketing, and secrecy. Apple Inc. is considered to be as the industry leaders in innovation, design, versatility and customer satisfaction. The products that they introduce every single year are the best in the challenge. The contenders may have products that are highly dreamed on by them but at a days end more people tend to shine into Apples products.

The vision that Apple has to make their wonderful products is carried by none. Their products like the iPhone changed the entire mobile industry. iPhone was innovative that many people as well as the rival companies such as Nokia, Samsung and many other companies were mesmerized by the innovation and technological leap the Apple had achieved by introducing this product. Perks For the past three years Apple has been known by fortune as the worlds most admired company. They are known for elegant product design, innovation, customer loyalty, brand-building marketing, and secrecy.

The financial statement projected that the company will continue to grow because of their product design to meet the consumer needs. The company has seen an increase in demand of products and service. Based on the company historical and projected future earnings and cash flow growth rates, any person who is looking for a smart short to medium term investment, Apple stock would be the right decision. Its steady growth in earnings and dividends can be viewed as acquiring moderate to risky equity. On December 29, 1994, Apple inventory increased to $1 billion.

That was the inventory turnover for Apple. Their total revenue rose from $9. 8 billion in 1996 to above 19. 3 billion in 2006, which is a substantial increase of 96. 43% (Shlinds, 2007. ) On July 19, 2011 Apple, announced financial results for its fiscal 2011 third quarter ended June 25, 2011. The company earned quarterly revenue of $28. 57 billion and earned a quarterly net profit of $7. 31 billion. Those billions of dollars in sales had much to do with the sales of the Macs, iPhone, and iPad. The company sold 3. 95 million Macs during the quarter, a 14% unit increase over the year-ago quarter.

Apple sold 20. 34 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 142% unit growth over the year-ago quarter. They sold 9. 25 million iPads during the quarter, a 183% unit increase over the year-ago quarter. Apple sold 7. 54 million iPod, a 20% unit decline for the year-ago quarter (www. apple. com. ) Macs, iPhone, and iPad sold in numbers greater than the company expect, but the sales from the iPod decreased. Even though the iPod sales dropped, it has dominated the market digital media player and managed to maintain in the United States.

This is Apple best quarter ever with revenue up 82% and profits up 125%. Their cash flow has increased 131% year-over-year, with operations of $11. 1 billion. In December 2010, the cost of goods sold of $16. 4 billion was 61. 5% of revenue. The income statement continued to grow at rates rarely seen at a large company. The company continues to deliver to the marketplace and stimulate customer demand for new programs, products, and technological innovations. The company dominant leadership in virtually every product category it competes is an obvious proof of innovation and well-executed market.

However, despite its market leadership, Apple management has traditionally under-promised, yet over-delivered on earnings quarter after quarter. This has been the primary means for the stocks sudden ascent in recent years. Companies that grow faster than the operating cash-flow it generates are usual suspects when it comes to balance sheet maneuvering. Liquidity obviously is not a problem for Apple, but this forces the analysts following the company to scramble and keep raising their targets each time Apple consensus.

Cash flow quality and earnings structure better reflect the correlation between stock price and the financial statement. Apple sales growth has been inclining, while Resource and Development spending (excluding previously capitalized software and technology acquired in acquisitions) as a percentage of sales has been declining. Any stock has the potential to be successful, but under-utilized assets or small allocations to develop innovative products which drive future profits would not be helpful on returns on assets/investments. Apple has no competition.

Apple creates computers, phones, tablets, music players, operating systems, television set-top boxes, lifestyle and productivity software, professional media software, and wireless routers. They also sell movies and music, and they have an application store that so far has not been challenged. Nokia, Samsung, Sony might compete with Apple hardware, but they depend on Microsoft operating system. Microsoft makes operating system for computers and phones, and they produce office and other software similar to Apples, but they lack in hardware. Google with the Android, is not even a single operating system.

It is a multitude of operating system versions on multiple devices. If Apple wants to change something on a device, either hardware or operating system, it can just do so. If Nokia, Samsung, or Sony wants to change their operating system, they would have to recieve confirmation from Microsoft. If Microsoft wants to advance their technology, they need buy-in from hardware makers. They make their profits from business-to-business, which mainly consists of selling licenses to its operating system to computer manufacturers and office suites for enterprises.

That is not to say that they do not sell to consumers. They have consumer only product lines as the Xbox gaming console, and of course, home user also buy Windows and Office. On the other hand, Apple is primarily a consumer company, and makes most of its profit selling hardware products. This makes the target of Apples site much clearer for marketing, selling, and providing support for its products to consumers. The rest of the technology can only play catch up. A quote from Wayne Gretzky who said, Good hockey players play where the puck is. Great hockey players skate to where the puck is going to be. Most of the tech industry is struggling to get where the puck was, (Raymond Meyers, 2011. ) In the previous paragraph I mention Apple did not have any competition, but if I had to choose two it would be Microsoft and Google. Apple leads Microsoft and Google in the S&P 500 in this illustration: Apple $401. 82 -$10. 32 (-2. 50%) Google $520. 66 -$18. 54(-3. 44%) Microsoft $25. 06 -$0. 93(-3. 50%) Microsoft is steady declining. Microsoft launched windows Vista; Windows users vigorously had rejected that upgrade. Fewer than 10% of windows users had switched and nearly 5% of windows PCs in use were running windows versions older than XP.

Mobile device are steady increasing, which Apple has complete control over. Mobile operating systems account for nearly 3% of all Internet. The percentage of Internet usage on mobile devices has been doubling every eight months. The many tasks that PC handled are taking over by mobile devices. Microsoft was ahead almost as long as people were using PC, but technology has advanced into mobile devices. May 26, 2010 illustrated from mobile devices, Microsoft and Apple were about even at a Market cap of $223 billion, but Apple had increased rapidly to $306 billion, while Microsoft decreases to $212 billion.

Apple site is generally more user friendly than Microsoft, and offers a much better experience to consumers who use it to check out the latest Apple products. Apple website is much smaller in scale than Microsofts site. Apple uses many of white space and subheadings to make everything more readable, yet they keep their website simple by not overusing too many different text. Microsoft hosts many different sites under the Microsoft. com brand, creating a whole ecosystem of sub-sites. Microsoft biggest problem is consistency. There is no global navigation, and there are not many visual clues that tell the user that this is a Microsoft site.

Unlike Apple, where the whole site shares one unique visual that mirrors that of their hardware and software, thus creating a powerful brand. Google Android has become the closest smartphone that can stand up to the iPhone dominance. In this graph is shows the sale between smartphones: | Apple has more than three hundred retail stores in ten countries, in addition to an online store that offers its products to the customers across the globe (Apple Inc, 2011). This global network allows the company to develop and launch the products in it markets of America, Asia, and Europe.

The company is officially listed as number one company that provides wide range of technology related products in the world after surpassing Microsoft. The company has more than 45,000 employees working on full-time basis and around 3,000 employees worldwide. It was noted that the company had earned the annual sales of around $67 billion US dollars from its worldwide operations (Apple Inc, 2010). The company is listed as one of the most admired companies in the United States and in the World for four consecutive years (Fisher, 2008 Colvin, 2009 Fortune, 2010).

Apple products like Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod are manufactured in the United States, but the company is outsourcing the production of some of its product parts to the various international and national supply chain partners. For example, iPod are outsourced to its subcontractor in Hong Kong from where it is sent to the outsourced production plant of the company (Linden et al, 2007). The company saves money by outsourcing, but on the other hand, it increases the downsizing and unemployment rate in the United States.

Price, place, promotion strategies, product performance, the quality, and reliability of the product, innovative designs as well as the availability of up-to-date software services are factors that can impact the business and profitability of Apple. The focus on manager at this point is the expansion of its smartphones and other media and communication devices. The competitors of Apple have numerous of resources that they can offer the business and consumer products and services similar to Apples products at a low price range. Decrease the price on Apple products by creating resources from other companies will attract more customers.

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