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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. is one of the most successful animation studios today. The animation studio mainly produces animated films and has been doing so since 1994. Since then, they have become more successful and known for traditionally-animated films like The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, and Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas among others. DreamWorks Animation is also responsible for computer-animated films like Shark Tale, Madagascar, and the successful Shrek series (Wikipedia), which won an Academy Award (Shrek 1).

Shrek 2 was also one of the highest grossing releases on the year it was shown (DreamWorks Animation L. L. C. ). One of the reasons for the companys success is because they produce high quality animations that have interesting story lines. They also have a way of sharing these stories in a fun, comedic way with certain cleverness and level of derision that is attractive to a wide set of audience. Another reason may be due to its employees enthusiasm. From an interview of the producer and directors of Over the Hedge, I realized that they love and enjoy what they are doing.

I believe such feeling for their work helps them to undergo long work hours without much complaint but with actually happy outlooks. At DreamWorks Animation, its culture is probably one of the biggest reasons for success as a company. The company consists of a diverse group of people who either love and enjoy what they are doing, or are there because they know there is much to learn working with the other employees. This encouraged diversity is what attracts talents and produces creative ideas.

DreamWorks Animation also gives equal opportunities for growth for all its workers regardless of where theyre from, their beliefs, age, marital status, etc. Aside from skills needed for filmmaking, the employees are also given training in personal and managerial skills to help them survive in the company. Having checked a list of job openings at the company, Ive discovered that its really composed of many different people. There are the administrative staffs, the engineers specializing in different effects for animation technology, effects animators and developers, accounting staffs, among others (DreamWorks Animation L. L. C. ).

But more than the job title, I think the company also looks for people who are really interested in what DreamWorks Animation is for and are willing to be a part of it to help the company achieve its objectives. People who are passionate for their work like Cundo Rabaudi, maker of highly detailed models used as references for movies like Pinocchio, Godzilla and the recent Shrek 3. He makes these models when the animators are having a hard time visualizing scenes and objects. Rabaudi makes such intricate models even when most of time, his works arent really seen in the movies themselves (Hill, par. 2, 14).

DreamWorks Animation SKG is a Delaware Corporation and ownership is via stocks (EdgarOnline). If I wanted to enter DreamWorks Animations, I would probably show them some of my works and talk to them about my passion in say, being an animator, in telling stories through crazy ways. I would try to do a demo of a story. What the company needs are capable, willing people, and thats what I am going to show them. As mentioned earlier, the company has employees that love their job and are passionate for it. Such affection for what they do, and probably nice, equivalent benefits”other words, the culture of the company”is one of its strongest points.

Also, the output of the company itself, creative, wacky ways of telling interesting stories via impressive effects attract a broad variety of viewers. I wasnt able to see weaknesses or threats, although, of course, as with big successful companies, ownership may be a source of problem. Threats are probably, a day wherein there would be fewer artists with no talent or other studios, like Pixar, being able to outdone them with their productions. The increase in technology today and the demand in computer-animated films that are capable of showing scenes that are impossible yet near realistic are opportunities which they shouldnt miss.

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