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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The premise of the Duck Dynasty reality program is duck, duck, God. The Christian based series revolves around the Robertson family and their duck- call business. The series is entertaining and honestly meets my Christian ethics better than any other show on television. First on the agenda is the introduction to the Duck Commander crew then the connection between my values and the Robertson families ethics concerning prayer, respect, and family unity. Phil Robertson invented and perfected the world-famous product throughout a thirty-year period.

Phil and Miss Kay are the parents of four sons two of which have served in Christian Ministry professionally God-fearing and family-oriented is the best way to describe the crew. Truly, God has blessed the loving family in a million ways. The television show did influence my view of what family is; therefore, this prompted me to investigate the redneck family. Duck Dynasty is clean family entertainment. The Robertsons boldly express their Christian conviction both on and off camera according to The Christian Chronicle (Ross Jr.2012.) The Ten Commandments are used as a rulebook at the Duck Commander.

The small family ran business is a wildly successful. The glory of the Duck Commander is given to the Lord. The strong Christian credence took hold of the bunch as they witnessed the amazing change in their fathers life. Phil Robertson, was a drunken dummy lost in a world of hurt until the age of twenty-eight. The familys life totally shifted to a great extreme documented in The Christian Chronicle (Ross Jr. 2012) when he accepted Jesus Christ into his heart. God took Phil from dummy to dynasty. The family believes and therefore, receives all that God has to offer. The show focuses on prayer, respect, and family unity. My Christian values alien with those of the Commander crew. The actions and words of the bearded boys uncover their deeply faithful souls. Hey Jack, hey, it is a fact; prayer is where it is at. Each episode ends with the family sitting around the dinner table, heads lowered in reverence, as the head of the household sends words of praise to the Lord in prayer.

The Christian Chronicle stated the words ending the prayers in Jesus name we pray ends up on the cutting-room floor every program (Ross Jr.2012.) The same practice is one traditionally taught in my own home. Call upon the Lord at any time in prayer and he will continually be there. Goodness, respecting God, others, and ones self is a solitary action vitally associated with Christian values. The series unfolds the importance of respect among the Robertson group. The program displays respect toward elders equally when ideas and opinions differ. The thoughts of Uncle Si often differ from the main stream; however, the family always treats him with an adoring esteem. Respect is infectious; thus, respecting the Lord demands the respect of others.

The men indicate a pronounced level of admiration toward the women continuously. Robertson children clearly display a pronounced level of respect toward their parents. Duck Dynasty accurately connects with my Christian mindset. The combination of prayer, respect, and family unity fostered by faith is the law behind the Duck Commanders family. The bunch works, plays, and prays together. The importance of family love is soaked into the spirit of each individual. The series reflects the family values of the duck crew. Family unity binds the souls of both natural and adopted members. The platform reveals the genuine relationships. Willie and Korie added to their family both through adoption and through fostering children, I agree Christians are responsible for delivering devoted guidance for all children in need, I believe we all should be united as a family in the good Christian fight. Redneck, Christian entertainment is enlightening and fun for everyone.

The Duck Dynasty series closely aligns with my own Christian beliefs concerning prayer, respect, and family unity. The reality is the Robertson family is deeply devoted to the Christian faith; however, much of the religious zeal is not presented on the platform; because of, Hollywoods unethical choices. Duck, duck, God the weekly episode is a breath of fresh-air. The hairy, hunting clan is devoted to their Christian position both on television and through guest evangelic speaking. Duck Dynasty is not associated with a Christian platform taking a profound stand for Christ. My values connect directly with those of the Robertson family. As a Christian, I intensely appreciate their courageous, unusual, stand.


Ross Jr., B. (2012, November). Faith, family, and ducks: Behind the scenes of Duck Dynasty. The Christian Chronicle.

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